Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i want to start of by saying HAPPY TUTU BIRTHDAY to the princess!!!...i love you and i hope youre having an AWESOME day!!!

i know beatstock was a few weekends ago but i just realized i never talked about it here so here goes...

i went with little sis, little one, and k dubbs...on the way there we sung old and new bsb songs really loud and obnoxiously...haha...k dubbs filmed us doing if youre lucky enough to be my facebook friend you may want to avoid those if they make it on there...haha!...when we got there it was about 90 bazillion degrees...ugh...way too hot...and then we went in but the gates to the theater werent open yet so we were squashed with about a million other people in the waiting are lets call it (cause im not really sure what its called)...

so when we where waiting there in the crowd some tall guy was pushing through then stopped right by me, stared at me for what felt like forever, and then goes "hey how are you" like he knew me or something...of course i was friendly back but i had absolutely no idea who this guy was...but then after he walked away i realized that he takes the train in the morning with was just really bazaar cause he's never said anything to me before that nor has he said anything since then...but at the concert it was like we were old pals...maybe we should be pals...or maybe more than that...he is pretty cute...who knows maybe concert guy will even replace new guy for the time being (probably not but maybe)...hehe...

back to the gates finally opened and we were herded in like cattle...we got a decent spot on the lawn...all of the acts were pretty good...the concert was for ktu so its all dance music which is always fun!...i was pleasantly surprised when crystal waters came on...i totally didnt realize she sings party in the ghetto AND 100% pure love!!!...i dont think the high school kids in front of my knew either of those songs but i do and i was super excited that she was singing them!!!...haha...

onto the reason i went to beatstock in the first place...backstreet boys!!!...they were AMAZING per usual...but im not gonna lie...i was a little disappointed that they only sang 3 songs and wasted one on i want it that way...its a shame that iwitw is their most popular song because they have WAY better stuff than that!!!...yeah so after they were done we left...and thats it really

oh and for anyone who was guy was not at the compound when we got back...oh i said last blog...i gotta move

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

time to move on

before i get started i have a few administrative things to take care of...
1) d val has requested a name from now on she will be refered to as f.u.n. (not to be pronounced as the word fun but as the 3 letters)...
2) i've been mia for the past week cause i've been getting on the later train where i run into wet hair girl,one of my morning train friends, so we chat...i finally found out her real name yesterday and i found out that i had my very own cool name, coach bag!...haha...
3) right now im squished on the train and i cant decide if ill be happier in the car with no so annoyed...

now onto the real entry...its time to move on

i think i should stop obsessing over new guy...he's gone and wont be back until next summer...i cant just sit around waiting for something with zero chance...and plus i blew it big time anyway...he probably thinks im a take a look at my mistakes shall we...

first~> i put bff on the job...i def should have put f.u.n. on the job from the begining...she has a high success rate...she had a chat with brian, he then started dating steph, they're still together 8 years later...last summer she had a chat with bff, he became little sis' boyfriend, and they are still super cute together...and while i cant see into the future it looks like shes working on rr for my girl k dubbs...i wouldnt be surprised if they get together by the end of the summer...

next~> i probably should have been a little more specific when i said to k dubbs "i dont care what you say"...cause i do would have saved me a little bit of embarassment

last~> my brain completely stopped functioning when he was around...its like i forgot how to form while im pretty smart in real life when he was around i was like an idiot...haha...

those were some pretty major mistakes wouldnt you agree?

so it may take a little bit of time but im gonna get over him...its def something i need to do if i want to lose the stupid josie grosie status before i turn 25...if i wait around hoping it will be him i wont make the birthday is in may...he wont be back until just doesnt add up...haha...although k dubbs told me she had a dream that we were all in disney for my birthday bash and new guy showed up to surprise me...haha...oh how i wish it was true...well disney is the place where dreams come true...right?!?...haha...

oops sorry for the really gonna move on...i promise...well maybe ill keep new guy in the back of my mind...just in

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the one year plan

well here it is folks...the official one year plan...or oyp for short...

before i get into the details let me explain where the oyp originates i said in an old post or two new guy is moving to hawaii for the school that means i have 1 year to prepare for when he comes back next summer...(i know technically this is a one school year plan but thats just too much of a mouth thats why im sticking with the nice and easy oyp)...

there are also a few disclaimers...1)while new guy is my inspiration, i am still doing these things for myself...2) this is not set in stone...plans can change...=)

so onto the oyp...

1) USE MY GYM MEMBERSHIP...i know i say this one all the time...but maybe if i keep saying it i will start to listen to myself...i really think this is a key component to the plan...maybe if i was just a little tea cup instead of the whole pot, i would have more confidence in myself when it comes to boys...the problem is that i think that guys wont even give me a chance...and this may not be true but its what i believe to be to avoid the rejection i think will be there for me i dont even sure its all about the confidence and right now i have none...(wow sorry about all the whining...i wanted to make this a fun silly entry but i had a rough day today and i guess its being reflected in how im feeling about myself right now...ugh...lets try to turn this ship around shall we...)

2) LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT...this is something i have always wanted to do...if i want to go on the amazing race it is a very important skill to have...the reason this lands a spot in the plan is i was actually talking to new guy last weekend and he said he like girls that can do guy things like crab or fish or drive a stick shift...i already know how to crab (put bait in cage...throw in water...walk away...come back in a few hours...pull cage out of water and youre really have zero desire to learn how to driving is whats left...and i can totally learn how...if my mom can do it then anyone can...haha...

3) WORK ON MY SOCIAL AWKWARDNESS...yeah so the goal here is to feel less like an upside down cow (level 5) in social situations...if i can bring my awkward level down to turtle or flag pole (level 1 or 2) then i'll be happy...this need to be on the list because it took me 3 encounters with new guy before i said something more than just hi...and even then i still didnt say much...leaving my box that i live in is easier said than done...

4) this last one is completely out of my hands...HOPE NEW GUY DOESNT GET BACK TOGETHER WITH THE EX-GIRLFRIEND...i did get confirmation on the break up but shes still moving with you never know what could happen...i see one of two things happening...he'll realize how much he loves her and they will eventually get married...or he'll realize that he really cant stand her and never talk to her again...obviously im hoping for the second one to happen...haha...aww poor girl...oh well...haha...(i just want to be clear that if he does end up completely in love with this girl that would be the end of the line for me...i do not pursue unavailable guys)...

i think thats about it...its a pretty lame plan but its my lame plan and i like it!... the ultimate goal is for him to be my date to my friend's wedding next summer (that is if im invited with a guest...i may not be you never know...after all my own sister isnt planning on inviting me with a guest to her wedding why should i expect a friend to???)...and of course for new guy to become my bofo instead of just my fobo...haha!!!...

well until next time kids...happy blogging!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

what should i do???

saturday night i am schedualed to go to ktu's beatstock at pnc..i'm going for one reason and one reason see the backstreet boys of course!...they are going to be singing their newest single "straight through my heart"...and it will be the first chance to hear even more new music from them!...i couldnt be more excited to see them...they are my boys after all...hehe!

so here is where the delema comes in...there is going to be a movie at the bay saturday night...since 2 thirds of event staff will be attending the concert as well as event staff back up and event staff wannabe (that last one's me...haha...) there isnt anyone to work the d val decided that she should ask new guy to do you know what that means??? means that hes gonna be hanging out at the compound (my aunts' house dts) and im not gonna be there...ahhh...i need to be there...i def need to redeem myself after last weekend when i was finally introduced to new guy and all that i managed to get out of my mouth was "hi"...what is wrong with me???...wait dont answer that...haha...oh and to top it off its new guys LAST weekend in jersey before going to hawaii for the it is my very LAST chance to plant the seed for next summer...(for those of you who are wondering about the gf...bff claims they broke i beleive him? not really but i can pretend like i do for the next week...haha...and i have k dubbs on the job of getting confirmation)

so what do i do? i blow off the concert and stick around for movie night?...or should i still go to the concert and hope movie night isnt over when we get back?...if i blow off the concert then the others wont go either and then there would be no need for new guy to be i guess i'll go to the concert and jet out of there as soon as my boys are done...fingers crossed they're at the begining...

am i acting like a crazy person over this whole new guy thing???...i hope not but my guess is yes...haha...i dont know what to do...give me some feedback please because i need help...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

sytycd s5 finale tonight!

the BEST season yet of sytycd is coming to an end tonight...the top 4 are probably the stongest top 4 ever which makes it impossible for me to decide who i want to lets look at them 1 by 1...

he is a question about it...brandon hasnt made one wrong step all season...and his solos make it clear why he deserves to be there tonight...

she has gotten better and better every week...she pulled off a pretty amazing solo last night...she has tons of personality...and she was in one of my fav dances of the season {{the travis contep with jason!}}...

i was a total evan fan in the begining...but then the rest of the dancers started to out dance and out perform him...he should have gone home with janette top 8 week...and jason or ade should have the 2nd male slot in the top 4...but whatever it is what it is...he's still awesome at his broadway style jazz...

white lightening has been pretty flawless all season...she was in my other fav dance of the season {{mia's addiction peice with kupono}}...i think shes great and i really dont have anything bad to say about her dancing...

so all in all im hoping brandon or jeanine wins tonight...i wouldnt be upset if kayla won either {{but i dont think she will}}...i would be slightly dissapointed if evan pulls off the win...just because to me it would put a damper on an amazing season...

we will just have to wait and see...tune in tonight at 8 on fox!

Monday, August 3, 2009

my life according to backstreet boys

i found the following on facebook:

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions...Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Re post as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick your artist:
<3 backstreet boys!!!!! <3

Are you a male or female:
beautiful woman

describe yourself:

how do you feel:
like a child

describe where you currently live:
safest place to hide

if you could go anywhere, where would you go:
anywhere for you

your favorite form of transportation:
set adrift on memory bliss

your best friend is:
larger than life

you and your best friend are:
we've got it goin on

what's the weather like:
downpour {{actually its the only day that its not raining but it fits so perfectly}}

favorite time of day:
unsuspecting sunday afternoon

if your life was a tv show, what would it be called:
its true

what is life to you:
one in a million

your last relationship:
everything but mine {{i base that on the fact that there are no past relationships for me...but if you were asking about possible future relationships i would say helpless when (he) smiles and if you have seen new guy smile you would totally understand what i mean...haha...}}

your fear:
trouble is

what is the best advice you have to give:
you can let go

thought for the day:
just to be close to you...*sigh*

how i would like to die:
forces of nature

my soul's present condition:

my motto:
roll with it

stupid gym

as part of my brand new one year plan i am actually going to use my gym membership...everyday for the past few weeks i sent a text to little one (not to be confused with little sis) saying "gym tonight?" and everyday i got a different excuss far my fav was the day she replied "no but do you want to go to chili's?"...needless to say we went to chili's not the gym...haha...

starting today we say we are def going to go all the time...hopefully we actually go because we say a lot of things and never actually do them...haha...ill just hafta keep telling myself that i really need to go...hey facebook says im gonna have a boyfriend next year (fingers crossed its new guy...haha)...i need to be ready!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


i found out some new info related to the new guy saga...haha...i mean its not like im obsessed or anything i just like to know all the details...haha!!!

so first i got answers to the questions i asked last time...
  1. k dubbs just showed new guy the text i sent on the embarassment scale {{with 1 being a slight blush and 10 being never ever showing my fance at the beach again}}...i would call it about a 5 or
  2. bff didnt tell me about new guys girlfriend because he claims he didnt know...i dont know if i believe this because they sit on a lifeguard stand talking to each other ALL DAY a smart girl does bff really expect me to believe that he didnt mention a girlfriend at all...
  3. my paranoia was just that...paranoia...ugh why do i have to make situations worse than they are???...haha...d val got confirmation on the girlfriend from new its true that she does exist and he did not say eesh to my picture because he has no idea who i am or what i look like...haha...well he has def seen me before but he just doent know that im the girl that sent the text nor will he ever
  4. this wasnt one of my questions but its new news i found out about why none of the lifeguards came to band night...bff told them it was cancelled...what the heck he trying to sabatouge me???

so yesterday new guy was working at the bay {{which he NEVER does}} and d val went over to chat with him {{of course i was too chicken to go over there...ugh what is wrong with me?!?!}} she filled me in...and the good news is it seems to me that he doesnt really like his girlfriend too much...haha...he told little sis that he wants to break up with her but doenst know how to tell dont you think that im right in assuming that it probably wont last too much longer...well at least i hope im right the only problem is that hes moving to hawaii in a few weeks...ugh...but its only for the school year {{hes going back to school to get a phd(well thats what i heard at least)}}...also i took some stupid quiz on facebook and it said i would have a boyfriend in 1 while i would prefer to have a bf right now, i will def wait a year for new sorry hes just so hot i cant help it...haha!!!!

alright so thats enough about new guy...sorry to go on and on about something thats never gonna happen...but as always my philosophy of "a girl can dream, cant she?" still holds true...

oh and p.s~> there's a NEW backstreet boys song out now and i LOVE it!!!...check it out at