Friday, November 25, 2011

The Hunger Games

i know im a little late the the party but i just finished reading the hunger games!!

when i went to see breaking dawn there was a trailer for the hunger games movie...i was immediately intrigued...a story about a girl volunteering to fight to the death to save her little seemed so exciting and interesting...i wanted to know more!!!

i did some research online and found that the first chapter was available to read on the barnes and noble i printed it up and read it on the subway wednesday the time i got to the train station i just had to get my hands on the whole book!...i bought it at the news stand at penn station...i could not stop reading it!!!...i stayed up pretty late that night despite being super tired...i couldnt put it down...i kept saying to myself "just one more chapter"...before i knew it, it was after 130 and i was about 2/3 done with it...

yesterday i didnt read much since it was thanksgiving...i cant just show up with a book to dinner...that wouldnt be right...haha! i finished the rest today!...

it was so good!!! was much many was just great!!!...

now im itching to read the next 2 in the series...i need to know what happens next!!!

so guys, have any of you read the hunger games series? what did you think???

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

movie weekend

this past weekend brought us the openings of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Happy Feet 2...i was super excited going into the weekend...but i must say that i was slightly disappointed coming out of it...


i think the biggest problem i had with this movie is it was extremely slow moving...some parts just dragged out a little too i dont care that bella and edward played chess on their honeymoon...when it comes to vampires, im so used to the extremely fast pace of the vampire diaries...tvd would have fit everything that happened in the 2 hr breaking dawn movie into one 42 minute started getting good and exciting towards the end...but then it ending and we have to wait for the next part...

i know it sounds like i didnt like the movie at all but thats not true...there were some really great parts...the friends from high school were at the wedding and they added some great commentary...bella's dad charlie was awesome as always!...young werewolf seth provided a few great moments...and of course there's emmett...he doesnt say much in the movie but he is HOTTT!!!!...i just like to look at him...haha!!!


first i want to say, the little penguins are super duper adorable...little erik! omg, i wanted to squeeeeeeze him!!!...there were also some great dancing moments...and a few laughs...but my problem with this movie is that they made it way too political...the whole thing was pretty much about global warming...if im going to see a movie about tap dancing penguins im going to see it for entertainment...if i wanted a lesson about global warming i would have stayed home and watched the news or discovery channel...this is the biggest problem i had with the first happy feet...but that one only got political at the end...i wanted less politics from the second instalment not more...ugh!...the happy feet people should watch surfs thats a penguin movie done right!!!

well thats all i have for now...did any of you see these movies? if so what are your thoughts?!?...let me know...dont be afraid!...

Monday, November 7, 2011

why do i torture myself?

*disclaimer* if you dont want to listen to me whine then please stop reading!...haha!

its been about 3 weeks (i think) since i told sports guy how i feel about clark kent and got the disappointing news that he doesnt want to date anyone from work (i think thats stupid cause its not like we're on the same floor but whatever) since all that went down i havnt seen clark kent around...which is totally what i wanted...outta site outta mind...i told myself everyday that i had to get over him cause its never gonna happen...i thought it was working...

but then today came...i was on my way to the caf for coffee and clark kent turned the corner and walked straight towards us...and i got the same crushy butterflies in the stomach feeling that ive been clearly telling myself to get over it isnt working...ugh!...the worst part is that i used to feel happy after passing by him in the i just feel sadness...sadness because i know nothings gonna happen...i used to have hope and now i have none...this blows!...

obviously i just have to get over it but how...i just dont know what to do...i cant help the way i feel...i dont control the butterflies...they just appear!...haha!!!...maybe it just wasnt enough time!...hopefully they will go away and i can stop being sad over my latest failed attempt at finding love...*sigh*

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1 month until...

...BSB CRUISE 2011!!!!!

i am so excited i can barely contain myself...i had so much fun last year and i know this year will be better!!!

so far i have done a lot to prepare for this year's adventure on the seven seas...
~ 80's costume...check
~ prom night dress...check
~ custom pjs for pda pajama jam...check
~ 2nd timers tshirt...check
~ meet and greet outfit...check
~ hotel in miami...check
~ flight...check (i just got it yesterday and im kicking myself for not getting my ticket earlier!)

so now the only thing left to do is finish my door dec...i must admit that i started working on it a lot later than i did last a little worried that i wont get everything done...the original plan was to come up with something much easier than last year...we thought we did but i dont doesnt seem easier to me...haha!!!...i have 6 things...well not things...lets call the projects, yeah thats a good i have 6 projects for the door...1 of them is about 75% done and another is about 15% done...the other 4 i havent started yet...i have sketches and stuff for them but thats it...i feel a little over whelmed right now...but ill get it all done...oh and i need to make another trip to michael's...the last time i went there i didnt have my plan fully hashed out yet so there's a few more things i need to pick up...on the positive side im a lot less stressed about it this year than i was last yay!!!

well thats all i have to say for now...for any and all fun details on the cruise be sure to head over to laura's cruise blog she has all kinds of fun stuff to read over there!!!