Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I've been tagged

as i mentioned the other day, my girl cait tagged me in a meme...this was last month...i know im a little late to the party but its okay...beter late than never, right?!...well, i guess there's nothing left to do except get down to business...so here goes!!!

1) you must post these rules
2) each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog
3) answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
4) you have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her
5) no tag backs and you legitimately have to tag 11 people


1) my favorite colors are purple and lime green

2) i was born on may 6 1985, making me 26 years old

3) i have a serious problem when it comes to the backstreet boys...after 14 years, 44 concerts, 2 cruises, and tons of various other things i am still 100% obsessed...they are my number 1 all time fav and always will be!

4) i have 3 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, and 1 nephew...i love my family more than you could ever imagine...ps all my cousins and their bfs/gfs are pretty awesome too!...these people are my best friends! <3

5) i have an extensive movie and tv show on dvd collection

6) i absolutely love to dance...tap, hip hop, jazz, lyrical...i love it all!...if money wasnt an issue i would def open up my own studio...

7) i went to my first big time rush concert on thursday...i kinda felt like an old lady there but i dont care cause the show was great...I LOVED IT!!!!!...those boys are just too cute!...i want to know what a girl has to do to get a date with one of them!...haha! ;-)

8) i am chronically single...never had a boyfriend...sad, i know...but its okay...my knight in shining armor is out there somewhere...i just have to find him!

9) one of my dreams is to be a contestant on the amazing race...how cool would that be?!?

10) i consider my smile and laugh to be my best features...i love to laugh...i laugh at everything...hence the title of my blog!...haha! =)

11) eleven is my favorite number!


1) what do you was first when youre in the shower? i wash my left arm first

2) favorite birthday celebration? my sweet 16 was pretty great but im gonna have to say my 25th birthday bash (both local and disney editions) they were sooo much fun!!!

3) whats your favorite movie? (or top 3, because i know i couldnt pick a favorite) oh boy this is really tough...im gonna go with cheaper by the dozen, oceans eleven, and all harry potters (i know that last one is totally cheating...oh well...haha!)

4) who changed your life the most? i really dont know...i dont think anyone has changed my life dramatically...ive def been influenced by people like my parents and my grandparents but i wouldbt say they changed me...ive always been who i am...

5) whats your shoe size? 8ish...

6) if you won the lottery, whats the first thing you'd buy? im assuming this is the first thing after you get the check...haha!...i think the first thing i would do it go to best buy and buy all kinds of cool stuff...like giant 3d tvs...3d blue ray players...lots of dvds...perhaps a new computer...new camera...xbox connect...hmmm, what else?...oh the 3d ds...ya know stuff like that...i could probably blow all of it in one store...haha!

7) what trail/skill do you have that you are most proud of? def my dancing abilities!

8) do you have a favorite scent of lotion/perfume/cologne/body spry? if so, what is it? yes! i have a lotion from bath and body works...i think its called forever sunshine...i love it...i try to put it on everyday...it smells so good...and reminds me of the summer!

9) which celebrity would you like to meet? well, my answer will always be bsb because  i always want to meet them again and again!...but for the sake of this question ill pretend it says who youve never met before...if i answered this last week i would have said big time rush...but since i met them on friday, i cant pick them...hmmm...there are so many to choose from...i think im gonna go with the cast of psych!...its such a great show, def one of my faves...i think they would be really fun to meet...

10) when was the last time you cried? what was it about (if youre comfortable sharing)? the last time i cried was thursday morning...it was about the possibility of being forced to move to delaware...

11) what position do you normally sleep in? (on your stomach, on your back, etc.) i sleep on my stomach with my head turned to the right


1) who/when was your first concert?

2) how do you normally wear your hair?

3) winter, spring, summer or fall? which is your favorite?

4) whats the most played song in your itunes?

5) how about the 25th most played song?

6) how was your day? what did you do?

7) whats your favorite tv show that is currently on the air?

8) whats your favorite board game?

9) what was your favorite grade in school?

10) do you have any nick names? if so, what are they?

11) if you could trade places with one person for the day, who would it be and why?


so...im supossed to tag 11 people, but i dont know 11 people with blogs to tag...so im only gonna tag 3 people and your gonna like it...haha!!!

LAURA at Backstreet Boys Cruise 2010 and 2011 Blog
CHRISSY at From The First Day
KRISTEN at My Safest Place to Hide

if there is anyone else out there who wants to play please feel free to join in the fun!!! =)

ps~ for some reason the spell check isnt working...so sorry about all the mistakes!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

time to catch up

hello kiddies!

it looks like its time to catch up a little bit...i really havent said anything about whats been going on in my life since i left for bsbcrusie2011 back the first week in december...its now the middle of february...not much has happened but i thought id give you a quick run down anyway...so here goes...

i was finally able to put some closure on the whole clark kent thing...i knew sports guy wasnt really gonna help me so instead of dragging it out forever i decided that the work christmas party would be my last chance...i was gonna make something happen or move on...at the party cool girl and i saw him walk in so we found sports guy and told him to introduce us to clark kent...sports guy was a little buzzed at this point so he was a lot more willing to share info...and thats when he dropped the bomb...he said that clark kent has a girlfriend now...ugh!!!...at first i was mad at him for not helping me sooner...but then he shared other facts about clark kent that i was not previously aware of and they were total turn offs...so i dont think it would have worked out anyway...oh well...so im okay with how things turned out...ill just have to be on the look out for someone else!...=)

up next was christmas and new year's...they both went by with nothing too spectaclar to report on...

january brought defeat for my jets...they finished the season 8 and 8...i blame that model mark sanchez was dating...if he was with me none of this would have happened...haha!!!....just kidding...the team just seemed to fall apart...but there is always next year!

also in january i went to an aaron carter concert...i cant say too many good things about his performance but i am still sooo happy i went...this guy alexis babini opened for him...i fell in love...he is so cute and his songs are great...i dont want to get into too much detail because i will be dedicating an entire post to him soon!

now we're up to february and so far its been the month of concerts...feb 2 and 4 i went to nick carter "i'm taking off tour"...on feb 14 i went to see alexis babini...and on feb 17 i saw big time rush...ill probably write a recap of all of these...

so i guess im all caught up!...things to look foward to from me include a meme that cait tagged me in, reviews of the concerts i went to, a vip comparison bsb vs btr, and probably a new mini series called "i heart ..." where ill talk about all the people, shows and things i love...should be fun!...

well i must be going...until next time, happy blogging! =)

*please note that im not home so this is getting posted without a spell check...sorry for all the mistakes!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

#MySisterSaidIDo (the wedding!)

hey guys! im back with one last wedding story...and this time im gonna talk about what youve all been waiting for...the actual wedding!!! woohoo!!!

the morning (and early afternoon) was spent getting ready...it was very important that we all looked our best for the princess' big day...once hair and make up was done it was time to get dressed...every one looked so pretty...especially my sister...words cant express how beautiful she looked!!!

next up it was time to take a few pictures with the photographer...there was one that he made her stand against a wall...he said make a sexy face...so she said i dont have one of those...haha!!!....too funny!!!...we took a few other fun photos...including one of all the girls running down the hall...that one came out pretty funny thanks to little sis...her face is a classic!!!
after the photo session it was time to line up for the ceremony...it took place on a really nice grass area with palm trees over looking the bay...it was supposed to be on a deck but when we got there the deck was all torn up...it was a disaster area...there was no way that the wedding would take place there...honestly, im glad that area was messed up because this new location turned out soooo much nicer than the original one would have been...anyway continuing on...we walked out of one of the rooms we had on the first floor and over to where the ceremony was to take place...i took my place with the rest of the bridesmaids and watched as my dad escorted the princess down the aisle...it was impossible to hold back the tears (in fact they are coming back a little right now just thinking about it...haha!)...she looked soooo happy...and the groom looked soooo happy...and i was just soooo happy for them!!!!...during the entire ceremony the bride and the groom were just beaming!!!...after all was said and done they were announced mr and mrs unpronounceable last name!!! =)

after the ceremony we took some more pictures...here's a few for your viewing pleasure!
then we were off to the cocktail hour...this part of the evening was held on a large terrace next to my sisters room on the 6th floor...it was the perfect location...the bar was open and we had a bunch of hou'r derves...lets seee if i can remember it all...coconut shrimp, clams, tuna tar tar, beef wellington, veggies, and pigs in a blanket (yeah, we like to keep things classy!...haha!)...it was all great!...before we knew it, it was time for all the guests to head up to the roof top where the reception took place!

after everyone left we kinda lined up and discussed how our grand entrance should go...we decided to bring a little bit of jersey to the island and go with the fist pump...prince charming's sister was very excited for this idea...probably because in south carolina she doesnt get to fist pump on a regular basis like the rest of us...haha!!!...

right after big sis announced everyone (btw...awesome job mc'ing the night big sis!) it was time for the first dances...the happy couple danced to a classic frank sinatra song...next was the father daughter dance...i dont think there was a dry eye in the house...it was a very touching moment...next up was the groom and his mama...he chose a more upbeat tune for their dance...very fun!!!...

what happened next is what made this wedding different than most...normally there would be a little bit of dancing then some eating then some photo op traditional things like the cake cutting and speeches and bouquet and garter tosses...we skipped right ahead to the photo op stuff...i dont remember the exact order of what took place but i'll talk about all of them so dont worry!...just an fyi, i liked this order to things way better...it got all the traditions out of the way so when we got to partying it was non stop...no distractions!

okay so back to the details...the cake cutting was pretty standard...they fed each other a bite of the cake (which i later discovered was one of the best cakes ive ever had in my life!)...they didnt smear it all over each others face so they really did keep it classy here...haha!...

the speeches were okay...well let me rephrase that...i thought my speech was okay, bff's speech was great!...little sis and i went first...we were a little shaky...we tried our best but i dont think it came across that well...oh well...i hope they understood...bff was up next with his best man speech...he practiced and practiced...and he recited the part he practiced so fast...it was like a race..."in life theres quantity and quality, we may not have spent a lot of quantity time together but we've spent a lot of quality time together" (takes breath...haha!)...after speeding through that he added some extra things that he didnt practice and they were all very nice...he even made the groom's grandmother cry...it was a great speech...im so proud of him...

next came the blessing...at the last second the wedding planner told big sis to do the blessing...big sis said "whoa i cant do the blessing!" but like a trooper she got back to her mc position and said "aaaand mommom will now be giving the blessing"...haha!...so she walked over to my grandma and handed her the mic without any advance notice...oops...good thing mommom is always prepared to give a blessing!...she did a wonderful job!...

next single ladies started playing...so that could only mean one thing...the tossing of the bouquet!!...we all gathered around and waited for the grand prize to be tossed...it came right too me but i didnt really want it and i knew that gg (girlfriend of tjd) really did...so i let it fall to the ground and i proceeded to pretend to try to get it...haha!...gg ended up with it and she was super duper excited...yay for her!...

naturally the next thing would be the garter toss...after the groom took it off the bride he didnt really toss it...i would say shot it like you would a rubber band...haha!...the people were expecting tjd to catch it...but things dont always go the way you expect, do they? nope!...the mayor caught it...then proceeded to run around like a jet after scoring a touchdown...classic!...haha!...so he was tasked with putting the garter on his brother's girlfriend...at the end tjd came over and pushed him outta the way...haha!!!...and with that our tradition portion of the evening had come to an end...

up next was dinner!!!...omg, the food was sooooo good!!!...it was buffet style because the hotel didnt have a big kitchen to prepare individual meals in...but this worked out better because we got to try all of the deliciousness!!!...there were 2 different salads...one with goat cheese, craisins and walnuts and i want to say it had a raspberry vinaigrette dressing...the other had mango and pecans and i dont remember the dressing...both were fab!...the sides were roasted potatoes (the best potato ive ever had!) and grilled veggies...there were 2 different pastas...for the main course there was lobster tail and/or fillet mignon...it was all soooo good!!!...i wish i didnt get so full or else i totally would have gotten another plate full...haha!!!...my mouth is watering thinking about it....mmmmm....

when dinner was done we got the party started!!!...we danced the whole night...everyone was having a ball...they played a bunch of top 40 stuff...once the party got going it didnt slow down...we were having so much fun singing and dancing...but i was secretly hoping for a slow song so i could take a short break...haha!...but no slow songs came...so i kept going...we did the electric slide...the cha cha slide...the ymca...and my fav the cupid shuffle...which i almost missed...gasp, i know!...

let me rewind a bit to tell you the story...the floor of the deck where the reception was held was all ceramic tile...nice and hard...people were drinking out of glass wine glasses and cups and stuff...some people were a little clumsy and dropped their glass...glass shattered all over the place...i was bare foot the whole night....i was doing pretty good avoiding the areas with the broken glass...i think it was the 5th one that got me...yep, that right a small shard of glass right in the heal of my foot...ahhh! boy did that hurt...so i had to hobble down a flight of stairs to the bathroom to try to get it out...i thought i got it all out so i started to head back to the party...it still hurt so i knew it was still in there...i was about to head back to the bathroom but thats when i heard the cupid shuffle playing so instead i ran back upstairs...i refused to miss it...haha!...the rest of the night i stayed off the heal of my foot...it wasnt until much later that night that i was finally able to dig it out...it was really deep in there...not fun...ugh!
anyway...back to the reception...at some point durring the reception all the deserts were brought out...as i said before the cake was so good...it was simple...yellow cake, strawberry filling (i think), and french butter cream...i think the french butter cream is what made the difference...who an i kidding, i love all cake but this one was special because of the french butter cream...it was different that what we would typically have...delish!...there was also a bunch of mini pastries and chocolate covered strawberries...my fav of the mini deserts was the mini lemon marange pie...i dont even want to tell you how many of them i ate...haha!...

sadly the party had to come eventually come to an end...i think the dj played for an extra half hour which was great but he couldnt keep going because of noise violations...boo...so we all had to leave...this is when kv decided he would teach me how to dance...he said its all about switching boxes, dont stay in the same square tile for too long...ya gotta keep switching...haha!...where does he come up with this stuff???...haha!!!

after the party i got changed and eventually wound up on someones deck (i think my parents but it might have been the one next to them)...there was a bunch of people there and we stayed up and chatted for hours after that...tjs told me a great story....i was laughing so hard that i was crying...there were a ton of other great stories too...it was a great was a good way to close the evening... =)

well thats it...thats everything i have to tell you about my sisters wedding on the fabulous island of st maarten...it seemed like everyone had tons and tons of fun the whole time!...i know i did!!!

before i go i want to give some credit for the photos...some are mine...some are little sis's...and some are the photographer's, his name is J. Vallette...he was great!!! = )

and finally...in case you missed them be sure to check out my previous recaps!!!
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