Tuesday, November 23, 2010

its a good time to be a fan!

this weekend was an exciting one...and anyone who is a harry potter/jets/backstreet boys fan like myself will tell you the same thing...i know none of these has anything to do with the other but it was a great weekend for all 3!...

lets start off with harry potter (*said in brittish accent*)...friday was the official opening day of harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1...(or hp7a as i like to call it...haha!)...obvi i went to see it friday...i would have gone thursday at midnight but unfortunately someone has to be responsible and go to work...so that option was out...instead i went with cool girl after work...oh.my.god...sooo freakin good!!!...i loved it so much that i saw it again on saturday night!!!....i dont really want to say to much in case you havent seen it yet...but trust me when i say this is a DO NOT MISS!!!!...the only complaint that i have is that it ended...haha!...it was 2.5 hours but i didnt think it felt that long...and then it cuts you off right when the story is going to get really good!...i know this because i read the books...*gasp* i know! i read the books? how could that be???...haha!!!...anyway i cant wait until hp7b comes out...its going to be amazing!!! =)

sunday afternoon i went to the jets game...J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS! WOOOOO!!!!!! they played the Houston texans...and wow! what a game!...they had a huge lead going into the 4th quarter and then in typical jet fashion they blew it and Houston went up...the only way we could win was with a touchdown...too bad there was less than 2 minutes left...not impossible but it was improbable...so in typical jet fan fashion the stadium emptied out...less than half the fans were still there...of course i stayed...my grandfather taught me never to leave a game early cause you never know what could happen...and boy was i glad that i stayed!!!...sanchez threw a bomb down the field to a wide open edwards...everyone went wild!!! it was another jets FIRST DOWN!!!...so then there was 16 seconds left, 1st and goal, with the ball on the 6...sanchez threw another great pass to santonio holmes right into the end zone....TOUCHDOWN JETS!!!! i thought the people went wild before...no i was wrong...this is when they went really wild!!! ahhhh!!! im not even sure i can express in words the level of excitement going on in that stadium and that moment...it was just crazy!!!

now the jets are 8 and 2...can you believe it?? 8 and 2???...its been a LONG time since the jets have had a season like this one...there arent any that i can remember clearly...its just a really fun time to be a loyal jets fan...if you stick with them long enough they are bound to surprise everyone with an awesome season!!!...im so proud of them!!!

as if that game wasnt enough excitement for one person to handle i came home to watch the american music awards...my backstreet boys closed the show with new kids on the block...hands down the BEST performance of the night!!!...if you didnt see it go to YouTube right now and watch it!!!...the who thing was perfect...i loved everything...from the opening mash up of everybody and hangin tough...to the old school clips in the background during i want it that way...to the proof they were really singing during step by step...to the awesome dance break...to the classic right stuff dance...to "all you people cant you see cant you see n - k - o - t - B - S - B!"...yeah just perfect!!!...i am sooo pumped for the nkotBSB tour next summer...i already have tickets to one show...but im def gonna need more!!!

right now is such a good time to be a backstreet boys fan!!!...so many good things are happening...this tour with the new kids is gonna be so amazing...even my mom said she wants to go!!...i just cant wait for everyone to know what ive always known...backstreet boys are here to stay!!! =)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the official soundtrack of the summer of ten

thats right folks i have created an official soundtrack to the summer of ten!...i know that you are all yelling at the screen saying "but ashley, its practically winter...what are you doing still talking about the summer???"...well the answer to that is a simple one...i am a procrastinator...haha!!!...durring the summer k dubbs and i decided we would create a cd with all of our summer songs on it...so this way we could listen to it and remember the awesome summer we had!!...so every time we came up with a song we would put it on the list...having a list was great...too bad it took me 2 months to put the list onto an actual cd for listening enjoyment...i finally have it and it totally brings back memories from the summer...goal accomplished!...

so without further ado i bring you the track list (along with a little blerb) to the official soundtrack of the summer of ten!!!

1) taio cruz ~> dynamite ~> the first time i heard this song was at my friends wedding in july...k dubbs was with me and she said "how about this sound for our cd?"...i said i never heard it before...next thing i knew it was all over the place...LOVE IT!!!...so i went back to k dubbs and told her its def going on!!!

2) jason derulo ~> in my head~> this song doesnt really have a story we just like it!...haha!

3) backstreet boys~> bigger~>i took k dubbs to her first backstreet concert this summer...so its only natural that a song from their newest album made the list!

4)dj otzi ~> hey baby~> ob1 offered free zumba classes...we went to them on a weekly basis...this was our fav song from class...if you dont know it download it...i promise you'll love it!!!

5)big time rush~> halfway there~> thanks to my litttle bff i became completely obsessed with btr...turns out k dubbs loved them too...haha...so of course they made the cut!

6) diamonds on my neck~> okay so i have no idea who sings this of if thats really what its called...but its one of those fun songs that you blast in the car and have tons of funs with

7) shontelle~> impossible~> no story relating to my adventures with k dubbs but i did dance to this song in my makeshift dance class

8) the script~> breakeven~> no story...just like it! =)

9) mike posner~> cooler than me~> same as above

10) michael buble~> havent met you yet~> love this song...gives me hope

11) b.o.b ~> airplanes ~>okay so im not crazy about this song but k dubbs likes it AND it has a good story...during the summer i like to sit outside and look at the stars...so i have seen many shooting stars over the years...but people would always say to me "are you sure its a shooting star and not an airplane?"...of course im sure!!!...anyway...this is why i find the chorus of this song to be so awesome

12) taio cruz~> break your heart~> please see number 8

13) selena gomez~> naturally~> this song doesnt really remind me of the summer...it reminds me of the spring...one of the nights i hung out with concert guy and co. we were on our way home...this song came on the radio...we turned it up super loud and everyone sung along...good times!...

14) backstreet boys~> panic~> this song makes the list because of its name...when we were in disney for my bday my little bff said to me on one of the rides "its dark...dont panic ashley"...it was one of the top quotes from the trip and we used it all summer...dont panic!

15) usher~> dj got us fallin in love~> this song wasnt even on the list...i just added it cause i still had space...and i love it!!!...haha!!!

16) miranda~> vamos a la playa~> as you know the world cup we this summer...the mayor was obsessed with spain...so every time they had a game the mayor would play this song to get into the spanish spirit i guess...i really could care less about soccer but the do think that this is a super fun song!!!

17) michael franti ~> say hey (i love you)~> this is just a happy feel good song...makes me smile!

18) 3oh!3 ~> my first kiss~> this song reminds me of kent on sytycd...i think its a fun song...so why not put it on...right?!

19) shots! ~> no idea who sings this...maybe its lmfao...i dont know...but who really cares...if you went to any sort of club or party or somethin this summer im sure you heard it...i dont even take shots and i love this song...it just gets you pumped and ready to go!!!

well thats it for my soundtrack...sooo...what do you think???...lol...and what songs remind you of the summer???...or do any of these songs remind you of something good?...please share...dont be afraid (or panic...haha)...i would love to know...maybe i missed something really good!...haha!!! =)