Thursday, December 30, 2010

top 10 of the year 10

i know i know...i owe you days 2, 3, and 4 of my cruise recap...i promise you will have them soon...the problem is i like to blog on the train...those entries are too long to finish on the i hit save so i can come back later...but they only save to the blogger website and not to my to finish them i have to sit at my computer...but after sitting in front of a computer all day its not always the first thing i want to do when i get home...ya know...sorry for the long rambling...i just dont want any one to be upset...haha!...

so the purpose of this blog is to put a nice little bow on the end of the year that was 2010...and instead of recapping the whole year i decided to make a top 10 list!!!...enjoy!!!

10) lifehouse / kris allen concert
i had a ball with k dubbs at this concert....kris allen was WAY more entertaining than i thought he would one point he asked everyone to sing along, then said but you dont have to if you dont want to i mean you paid money to see me sing not to sing cute!...and he came out in the audience for one of the songs...he was really for lifehouse they were awesome too...i really love their music!!!...this was probably the best non bsb concert i have ever been to!...

9) becoming a TCU fan!!!
this makes the list because of its randomness and awesomeness...i was in atlantic city for a bsb concert in june which happened to be the same day as the usa vs england world cup match...since little one is a huge soccer fan she couldnt miss it (ps she was rooting for about anti american...haha)...anyway...we went to a sports bar to watch it...we were there way before the game started so they randomly had college baseball on the tvs...we had no idea who was vs purple...of course i picked the purple team to root for...and it didnt hurt that they were loosing by about 10 runs so they had that whole underdog thing going for we watched we learned more and more about the teams playing...thats when k dubbs and i decided we would be horned frog fans for life!!!...good thing we did...they made it to the last round before the championships of the college world series...and now the football team is going to be in the rose bowl!...and to top it off they are going to be part of the big east...which means we'll be able to go to some games!...haha!...see i told you...random! =)

8) fantasy football champion!
yeah thats right! i won!!!! im so proud of myself!!! my rookie season and i pull off the big upset in the super bowl!!! yay!!! aaron rodgers and arian foster are my heroes!!!

one night towards the end of the summer i went out with my cousins and their friends to Hemingway's in seaside...the night doesnt make the list because of Hemingway's but because of everything else that occurred that night...everything from all the boy meets world finding the undapants video on the "lottery tickets" the cheese "maybe if you didnt walk like this" trying to go to sleep but being unsuccessful due to laughing too was just a really fun night!!!...and if you were there youre probably laughing right now just thinking about it!...

6) friday night ice cream
i went dts most weekends this summer...the best part about it was friday night ice soon as i got down there after work i threw sweats on grabbed my girls and strolled to summer sweets! ice cream of choice was cake batter in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles...omg im salivating just thinking about it...soo good....but it wasnt just about the ice was about taking a stroll with k dubbs and little was the perfect way to unwind after working all week...

5) officially meeting concert guy
i know that my friendship with him never went further than just friends but im okay with that...and im so glad that arti made us go over to him and introduce ourselves...ive had a lot of good times with him...all of which are well document on this blog (feel free to read the archives...just click on concert guy to the right and they should all come up)...haha...i also think that it was a big step for me in the grand scheme of life...

4) this is us tour!!!!
backstreet boys!!!!! aaaaahhhhh!!!!! do i really need to say anything else?!?...i went to this show 4 times this summer and loved it more and more every time!!! you can check out my review here if you havent done so already!

3) 25th birthday bash: local edition
omg sooo much fun!...this was the first time i ever threw an awesome party!!!!...i know, im a little late but what are you gonna due about it?...anyway i told everyone to come but i didnt thing anyone would show up...before i knew it there was tons of people there!...and everyone was having a blast...but more importantly i had a blast!!!!

2)25th birthday bash: disney edition!
its the happiest place on earth!!!! so of course i picked disney as the place i wanted to celebrate my 25th birthday!...i am such a little kid and i love love love disney was so awesome!!! yay!!! i cant wait to go back!!!

1) BACKSTREET BOYS CRUISE 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are you really surprised?!? trip ever!!!...right now you can check out my recap of day one...and i double pinkie swear promise...that i will have the rest of my recaps up very soon...

so that was 2010 in a nutshell...i thought it was pretty amazing!!!
here's to hoping 2011 will be even better!!!!!

BSB Cruise 2010 (day three)

welcome to beautiful cozumel mexico! this is where the tide brought us on day three!!!

beach party:

unfortunately little sis and i did not attend this shin dig...i heard it was tons of cost extra and since i was already paying for the cruise itself for me and little sis i really couldnt afford to buy both of us tickets to the sad right...oh well...instead we stayed on the boat...checked out some more doors...played in a mini golf tourney (which i totally won...i have a golden ship on a stick to prove it!)...chatted with a super hott guy...and just hind sight we should have gotten off the boat and strolled around the shops and stuff but we didnt and whats done is done...(but then again we wouldnt have met that guy...omg he was so hott!!...sorry but i cant get over it...haha!)

we sat with our friends from alabama again at the same table...tonight we saw brian come in...everyone said hi he said "hi, i dont know all of your names but hi!"...and then his son walked by wearing a i said hey i like your he said "my cousins are making me wear it" cute!!!...other than that dinner was uneventful...

door dec winner announcement:
we took our seat in the theater...i was super nervous...i thought we had an excellent chance of winning!...if we didnt win i thought for sure we would get a shout out...of course i thought my door was the was my blood, sweat and tears after all...(and yes all three of those the form of paper cuts...over three hours spent just on winding ribbon...and the mini melt down i had when a piece was ruined...haha!!!)...but all the positive feedback we had from everyone on the ship is what really made me believe i could pull out the win! (even the hott guy loved it...he said "your attention to detail is really phenomenal"...haha!) they started calling out doors and they didnt say we were thinking omg the winner has to be us...i was shaking i was so nervous...i couldnt handle it anymore...the they said the winner...and it wasnt us....(can i get a collective aaaawwww???)...i was in such a whirl wind of emotion then...i went from super sad...back to angry...the worst part about the whole thing is the winning door want even that had a locker (which was cool) and the rest was just old magazine covers and posters and stuff...if i knew all i had to do to win was slap some posters on the door it would have saved me a lot of time, money, and effort...there were sooo many deserving doors...(heres the winner and a two of my faves)...after calming down i realized that even though we didnt win it still meant a lot to me that everyone we talked to seemed to like it...and what matters the most is that i LOVED it!!! be honest i have no idea how to top it for next year...

shinning star karaoke:
this may have been the best of all the scheduled events...the boys made us feel like we were just hanging out with them...a little karaoke with some friends...nbd!...haha!!! was sooo much fun!!!...some of the highlights were: 10,000 promises (nick was giving the girl pointers on being super dramatic while singing...very funny)...shape of my heart (this girl was so good! at the end aj said someone get this girl a record deal...and she was sitting by us so after she sand you could tell that it truly meant the world to her being on the stage singing with the boys) a virgin (aj and his bff madonna mark sang this little gem) on a prayer and dont stop believin' (always fun sing along songs!!)...bust a move (the boys sang this one!! eeek!!)...and by far the BEST of the night was baby got back (omg...words cant describe how awesome it have to check it out on YouTube!!!!)...i know i dont have links to all of them but i would highly suggest heading over to youtube and doing a quick will def be entertained...i promise!!! the question is how does one top baby got back??? do you sing something similar like rappers delight?...or do you sing something completely different like proud mary???? what do you think should i start practicing a hip hop a hippy to the hippy to the hip hip hop...OR rollin rollin rollin on the river?!?!?....oh the choices...haha!!!

well thats it for now folks...ill be back with day 4 shortly but until then please check out days one and two...and as always dont be afraid to leave me some love... <3>

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BSB Cruise 2010 (day two)

heeyyy!!! whats up bloggers?!? im back and its time to talk about day 2 of the fabulous backstreet boys cruise!!! sorry its taking me soo long...

key west:

the ship was docked in key west from early in the morning until about 2 i think...little sis and i didnt wake up too early so after we got ready and ate breakfast and all that jazz it was already after 11...we got off the boat and had to take a trolley into town...we didnt do much there except stroll around and take a few pictures...oh and we got a super cut ornament for our christmas tree!!!...the guy must have seen our wristbands and said i can put "backstreet boys cruise 2010" and your names on the i said "omg! really?! i must have it!!!"...haha!!! know its gonna be front and center on the tree this year thats for sure!!! after we made the purchase we headed back to the ship...

this is us Q&A:

i really enjoyed was just 2+ hours of the boys answering our questions...they gave a lot of good answers...nothing juicy or gossipy (which would have been awesome) but all genuine!...lets see i dont remember all the questions but ill share some highlights...

~BRIAN once purchased 2 cars in the same week

~HOWIE threw an ironing board out the window of a hotel

~NICK is not afraid to pee with the microphone on

~AJ's fav unreleased song is set it off

~leigh's (howie's wife) freebie would be Leonardo DiCaprio

another thing to note from this event is in the middle of it little sis turned to me and said "i feel like all of nicks answers are the same as what you would say" i was like omg you're right!...haha...lets look at some examples...(a: equals my answer. n: equals nicks answer)
who's your favorite backstreet boy? a:howie...n: howie
do you ever forget the lyrics to your songs? (my answer is based on forgetting dances) a: sometimes in the middle of a dance i get that omg what am i doing feeling but then i realize that im doing everything right and the dance is almost over... n: (asks other boys) do you guys ever get that feeling that you dont know what the words are but they come out anyway...then he said something about autopilot...

what song feels new every time you sing it? a: all i have to give (well hear it for me)... n: all i have to give

out if all the placed in the world where you have never been, where do you want to go the most? a: alaska... n: Antarctica... okay do this one isnt the same but its close enough...haha!!!
capitan's dinner:
when we got to the dinning room we were sat at a 6 person table...2 of the people didnt speak english so we didnt talk to them...but we did start chatting with the lovely married couple from alabama (gabby and charles) at the table...obviously we talked about bsb...somehow it came up that we saw howie at charlotte airport last year (which you can read about here) gabby said was it after gravediggers ball? we went to that! i said yeah it she said we were standing in the front to the right...i said no way! we were standing the the front to the right...they said we were standing next to a girl with pig tails and a flannel shirt...i said i was wearing pig tails and a flannel shirt!!!!...they said no, it couldnt have been you, this girl went to london to see bsb...i said yeah! that was me!!! how crazy is that??? they are from alabama and we are from jersey...we randomly met in north carolina...and then were randomly sat with each other at dinner in the middle of the ocean!...crazy! right?!?...

masquerade night:
this was a fun night...everyone had beautiful masks...i liked my mask and the design i painted on it but i wish i added feathers and stuff and cut the eye holes was hard to see out of so i had to take it off...oh well its too late now...anyway back to the party!!!...they played a lot of bsb songs...and nick played some of his new songs...which i LOVE...they are way different from the songs on his first album but they are soo good!!!...AND the highlight of the night was when they played a sample of the NEW nkotBSB song...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!...i cant wait for it to be all over the radio...its gonna be huge!!!...

after the party we went back to our room...turned on channel 36...and went to sleep

ill be back soon with day 3's recap and it wont be so long this time!!!...while you wait be sure to head over to laura's bsb cruise blog...she has some awesome pictures and videos!!! wont be disappointed!!! =)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BSB Cruise 2010 (day one)

so lets start off by saying AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! did the cruise really just happen?!? still in a little bit of shock...haha!...okay so now that that's out of the way lets get down to business....

i was lucky enough to be a part of bsbcruise2010...and it was AMAZING!!!...a lot happened over the course of the trip and i want to share all the highs and lows and everything in between without missing any i decided it would be best to break it up a little...=)


little sis and i arrived in miami on wednesday night to guarantee that there would be no problems with flights on thursday morning...if i missed the boat im not really sure what would have happened but i know i would have been devastated...

we got to the port around 11:30 or so on thursday morning...checked in and got on the boat...since we couldnt go to our room until 1:30, we had some time to just like everyone else we went over to the buffet with all of our carry ons...we settled down at a table...i looked over to the left and there was AJ sitting 2 tables away from us!!!....(eeekkk!!!)...then i got up to grab something to i was walking towards the buffet line HOWIE walked right by me!....(eeekkk!!!)...after i got my food i headed back to the table and saw BRIAN eating lunch with his family...(more squealing!! haha!!) within about 20 minutes i already saw 3 of the 4 backstreet boys just strollin around...and from that moment i knew that it was going to be a great trip!!!...

door dec:

at 1:30 little sis and i were finally able to get to our room and start working on decorating our took a few hours to get it 100% completed but it was worth every minute and it came out sooo good!!! (for now ill put up the pic i took on my phone but hopefully i can put one from my camera)...please stay tuned for the results...ill post them on day 3...

everybody feud:

this was the first official event held in the theater...we had assigned seats for everything in the theater...too bad our seats were in the very last row all the way at the top...ugh...oh well at least we were there!...

this game show was just like family feud...which happens to be my favorite game show ever!...and its totally one of my goals in life to be a contestant...haha! i was super excited to see how it would turn out...of course i wanted to participate and say things like "good answer! good answer!" but was i so lucky? of course not...i was not one of the "randomly" selected backstreet girls...which btw none of them were very entertaining...i would have been way better up there...but whatever...

the game proceeded to be just like the real family fued only way better!...the people surveyed were the fans on the boat...and all the question had to do with the backstreet boys...NICK had no idea how to pay...BRIAN was play fighting with the other team...HOWIE couldnt believe that the fans thought he wore speedos...and AJ loved that the fans thought he would be a porn star if he wasnt a backstreet the end the backstreet girls won and got a tote bag filled with signed stuff...

she's a dream dating game:

just like the real dating game complete with cheesy 70's backdrop...for each guy 3 girls were "randomly" selected...we found out that if you won, not only would you have the satisfaction of winning but you would also get to go up on stage durring sunday's cool is that?!?...

AJ was up of the questions was do your best bsb choreo...the second girl did everybody...but the other 2 girls just danced...this is the moment i wished i was up there the most because i would have done larger than life...everything from the stomp clapping the robot the chorus everyone knows...the crowd would have gone wild and i def would have won...haha!!!...i dont remember the other questions but in the end girl number 3 won!
next came was during this time that litte sis and i decided that not only does b.l.l.a look like brian but they act the same too...everything from what they say to how they say it to how they walk to their mannerisms to everything in between...they could be twins...we couldnt believe it!!!...anyway back to the of the questions brian was given to ask was whats your fav position...he was embarrassed...and i understand completely...haha!...the first girl was embarrassed too...the second girl had no shame...but the third girl got clever and said that the quarterback is he favorite position on a football team...and that answer is what scored her the win...good job girl number 3!!! (just for the record i immediately thought of ballet positions and thought well i kinda like 4th the best...haha!!!)

my main squeeze HOWIE was 3rd...what i remember most about howie's turn is that brian came back out and was semi acting as was funny!! of the questions howie asked was which bsb song best describes you and why...girl number 3 said spanish pretty sure thats the answer that pushed her over the top for the win...

last but not least was NICK...brian made his way back onto the stage for this one too...but this time he sat down next to girl number 3 giving her answers to nicks of the questions was "if you were an alien who would you abduct and why? but you can say any of the backstreet boys"...i dont remember what the girls said but i know my answer: the male cast of the vampire diaries...everyone not just damon and stephan but i want tyler and matt and jeremy and alaric and uncle mason and even uncle john...if you watch the show or not you have to admit that those boys are hott!!...well im not here to talk about tvd im here to talk about bsb so back to the game...making it a clean sweep, nick picked girl number = )
international luv deck party:
USA! USA! USA! was clear that the boys are popular all over the world...there were girls from japan, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, England, Ireland, Argentina, Portugal, Canada, USA, and many more!!!...i loved seeing everyone's native costumes...the boys were festive too...AJ wore a kilt...NICK wore some sort of Japanese jacket...HOWIE represented puerto rico...and BRIAN wore an uncle same costume and his wife had a matching girl version of it...they looked amazing...brian and leighanne Had the BEST costumes of the night!!!...the boys were up on the higher deck on a stage type thing...they were awesome...AJ was an excellent host and revealed his new found love of "friends"...ummm i love friends!!!...haha...he went on to poll the crowd on which friend we thought they were...aj = joey...brian = chandler...howie = ross...and nick = phoebe...haha...when aj told nick about this he had no idea who phoebe once again nick was clueless on simple pop culture reference...oh boy...lets see what else happened...they tried to come into the crowd but that didnt really work out too well...they were def mobbed...i wish some girls would just relax and realize if you dont mob them they will come out in the crowd and hang out...but if you do mob them, they are more like to run and hide when your screaming their name alright (i just had to say it...haha...sorry)

i think thats it for now...ill be back with my recap of day 2...until then happy blogging!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

best nephew ever!!!!

this post is dedicated to one person and one person super awesome nephew!!!...his birthday is coming up in a little less than two weeks (hes gonna be 4!) i wanted to take a little bit of time to tell everyone just how adorable he is and how much i love my little squish-a-lish!!! do so im just gonna list some of my favorite squish quotes!...

racing game
~ i want to play the racing game
~ lets use the fast car
~ we can be your favorite today (me: which one is my fav?) the gween guy!
~ when we work together we can win!

corn maze
~ excuse me, can you tell me how to get back to poppy
~ poppy, are you strong enough?
~ i want a COLD drink

~ but we all like the jets
~ (big sis: the jets are stinky p.u.) no, poppy's stinky p.u.

after seeing my room
~ this is the ashley picture room
~ i think you should clean your room

my #1 favorite
~ aunt ash, i love you!!!

guess what, i love you too little buddy!!!! *sqeeeeezze*

and thats just the tip of the iceberg on awesome things this kid says!!!...and hes so lovable...just the cutest ever!!! love love him!!!

so im sending out a very happy (early) birthday to my little squish-a-lish!!!!!!!!