Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 12 of '12

Thats right folks...its time for my annual countdown of awesomeness for the year...lets get right to it!!

12. Washington DC

Back in june i took a trip down to dc for a mini cruise reunion...we had a blast...we went to a bunch of different museums...acted like small children...ate a ton of mexican food...sang karaoke...and stayed up entirely too late chatting and watching bsb videos...i had so much fun with my only complaint is that our time together was too short...i really wish we all lived closer...

11. Slip n Slide

The summer of 2012 was #NoShoreSummer...without going to the shore i had to find other things to occupy my weekends...most of the time i found myself tanning in my backyard or at an awesome concert (more on that later) but some nights i wound up at the home of tjd and of those nights unexpectedly ended with me playing slip n slide at 2am with little sis, the mayor and blla...sooo much fun...i havent done that in years...we had a lot of laughs that night...i probably wont forget it anytime soon!

10. Alexis Babini

Way back in the very begining of 2012 i went to an aaron carter concert and was introduced to the amazing music of alexis babini!!...i thought he had a really great stage presence and he was so cute up there playing his guitar (and harmonica) and his voice was just so so the middle of one of the songs he whispered into the mic "dramatic pause" was at that point that i was sold...i went to meet him at intermission...he was so nice...i had to buy his cd...i started listening to it on repeat...i saw him a couple more times since then and he has never dissapointed...according to twitter his first full length album is coming out this year...i am so excited for guys if you never heard his music before go to youtube and check it out...or just buy it on itunes...its sooo good!

9. BSB Takes New York

first bsb event with kev back...what elese is there to say really?!...nothing...okay so i lied there's tons to much so that i wrote not one but 2 entries all about it...which you can check out here and here...haha!!...i gotta say that it was def an interesting experience staying in central park all night...i had a lot of fun with all of my friends

8. Disneyland

at the end of september i went with little sis and a couple of our friends to california for the weekend...we were supossed to go to a big time rush concert but it was cxl'd...we didnt let this get us we decided to go to disneyland...we managed to squeeeze all kinds of disney fun onto just one day...and i gotta say that i still laugh about the ferris wheel of death!...haha!!!...the four of us had so much fun...and how could we not?...we were at disney!!! =)

7. Turks and Caicos

in october i took a much needed trip to turks and caicos with little sis and the mayor...The hotel was was huge!...there were 4 pools...and a gorgous beach with the softest sand ever...and a ton of places to eat all of them were delish...the rooms were looked like the room we had was recently renovated which was great...the only problem with the room was we were all the way at the very end...we were in the furthest possible room...but ya know what? It was okay because we ate sooo much that we needed that little bit of extra walking!...haha!...i think the best part was when i volunteered to be in the show...i was a spice girl!! was so much fun...i even had fans the next day!!

6. New Year's Eve

this is on here not just for nye itself but for the whole weekend...i spent a ton of time with my backstreet girls...we went into manhattan on saturday...down to atlantic city on sunday...and over to the sands in PA on monday...we saw aaron carter in the fantastics and not one but two backstreet concerts...i couldnt think of a better way to ring in 2013 (the year of the backstreet) than with the backstreet boys and my backstreet girls!...i plan on writing a full recap of this weekend soon!

5. TV Girl and The Captain Say I Do

my cousin got married back in truely was a beautiful wedding...they got married in the church we grew up in...i faced my fears and did a really meant a lot to me that they wanted me to be a part of their special day...thanks guys!...and the reception was soooo much fun!...i didnt stop moving all night!!...theres never a dull moment when the family is all together and its even better when we are together for such an awesome occasion!!

4. Big Time Summer Tour

as if my backstreet boys problem wasnt enough...this year i became dangerously obsessed with big time rush!!!...i think those four boys may just be the death of me...haha!...anyway, lets talk about btst because thats whats on the list...haha!!...i went to the show 6 times...4 of which i had vip for...jones beach...hershey park...bristow va...toronto...vancouver...seattle...every time i saw this show it was better than the last...those boys have sooo much energy on stage...i always find myself jumping around like a wild animal the whole concert...and their vip is i said i did that 4 times...each time i hugged some one different so by the end i got to squeeeeeeeze all of them...yay!!!...not only were all the concerts and meet and greets amazing but all the great times i spent with my friends at these concerts is what lands it so high on my list!!

3. Geneva

right before my 27th birthday i took a trip to geneva!! ...i couldnt have asked for a better time...i got to go to europe...and spend quanlity time with my girls....and pay $60 for grilled cheese...and see an nkotbsb concert...and do platinum vip...and so much more...this particular bsb event makes it all the way to number 3 on my list because of the amazing interactions we had with the backstreet boys during sound check...we talked to howie for a long time about jersey...and nick totally called me out on my side commentary...and brian was wearing the pink sneakers...and aj gave the tour and answered a ton of our questions...everything about it was perfect!!

2. Boy Band Bonanza

5 boy bands...4 decades...3 days...2 states...1 non-stop party!!! i really need to say more?!?...haha!!...i already recapped this event in full if you want to relive all the magic please do so by reading day oneday two, and day three...i struggled with the placement of this event...i couldnt decide which should be placed higher on the list...this or geneva...i thought about it long and hard...but there are 2 reasons why i ultimately put this at number 2...a) i saw bsb and btr on the same day...i dont think that will ever happen again...b) I FINALLY GOT HUGS FROM THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!

1. Big Time Skype Call

will everyone please pick your jaws up off the ground please...i know i sure you are all shocked that btr is in my top spot and not a little shocked myself...haha!!...but this was such a unique once in a life time opportunity that i was blessed enough to could i not put BIG TIME SKYPE CALL in the top spot?!...the call was 6 months ago and its still something that i think about and say wow! i cant believe that happened!...i got to have an actual conversation with them and they seemed to genuinely care about what i had to say...and now i have a big dopey grin on my face just thinking about it...ahhh!!...yeah, i have no more words to describe how AMAZING that experience was!!!...(ps since i dont really have a picture of this ill just include the one i got with kendall in october!)

well guys...thats it...thats my top 12 moments of 2012...i really did have a lot of fun this year...i cant wait to see what 2013 has in store for me!!...yay!!! =)