Monday, September 26, 2011

new year's resolution #1...check

back on december 31, 2010 i jotted down a few silly new year's resolutions on purple index cards and stuck em on a cork somewhere in little one's room is a cork board filled with everyones resolutions...i am happy to say that i have successfully completed one of them...yay!!!...haha!!!

i didnt really take this task too seriously so my resolutions were as follows:

1) START A VLOG - i wanted it to be a year in the life of a bsb fan...this really would have been the perfect year to do this with all the backstreet adventures i had so far...and i still have the cruise to would have been perfect...i just never got around to it...and honestly i dont know how successful i would have been at it because i know nothing about video def would have been a challenge...maybe one day ill do this but for now it has not been completed...haha!

2) FIND A BOFO...well this is pretty self explanatory...haha!...also needless to say that this is not complete yet either...haha!...i have someone in mind who i would like to fill the role (clark kent obvi) but it is still open and i am always taking applications!!!...i havent given up hope to have this completed by the end of the year...hey, i still have 3 months!!

3) WRITE MORE IN MY BLOG - this is the one i completed! haha! yay!!!...last year i totally slacked in the blogging department...i def had some good entries (check out anything labeled "concert guy"...thats some entertaining stuff...haha!)...but overall i didnt blog too much...i only had 37 i wanted to blog more...and this marks post number 38 of i have officially blogged more in 2011 than 2010...resolution complete! yay!!!!

so anyone else still keeping track of their resolutions?!? matter how silly they may be dont be afraid to share! love the hear all about them! =)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

bridal shower

this weekend was the princess' shower...the weeks leading up to it were stressful and now that its over i feel a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders!...its great!...haha!!!
we had the party at hemmingway's in seaside...i would def have another party there...all we had to do was drop off our decorations and they set everything up for it looked great!!!...all of the food was delish...we had everything from coconut shrimp to salad to penne alla vodka to chicken parm to teriaki beef to potatoes and veggie...and to top it off we had cake at the end...soo good!!!...the best part of all this was that it was reasonably priced!...yay!!!
our party favors were pretty awesome too!!...we gave out straw beach bags with pink beach towels inside...the towels were embroidered with st maarten, a star fish, and 12.16.11 (the date of the wedding)...and i used my crafting skills to make tags that we tied onto each bag...they came out so cute!!!
we played some cheese shower games...we had gift bingo, word search, word scramble, and guess the kisses...everyone seemed to enjoy the games and it gave everyone something to do during the times we werent bingo also kept opening the presents entertaining...

little sis and i put together a slide show for that played on loop the whole time...the slide show was pretty long so it didnt get too repetitive...i think everyone like looking at all the pictures...i think we got a good mix of old and new photos...and everyone who came was in at least one yay!!!

later that night was the bachelorette party...wild antics ensued...but im gonna keep the details to myself so i dont embarrass anyone...haha!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

why i blog

there are tons of bloggers out there...all of them have their own reasons for blogging and i am no different...there are plenty of reasons why i come to my handy dandy blog and spill my guts...haha!

i guess i should start at the beginning...i dont remember the specific details but im pretty sure i started blogging because because a bunch of girls i taught dance to had a xanga so i made one too...i wanted to stay in the know with their lives and they could see what was going on with me...i wanted to be relatable to them...and then xanga kinda phased i started posting blogs on myspace...not to many but a few here and there...then when myspace was on its way out i decided to come here to blogger...i wrote 1 entry and then forgot about it for a while...but when i came back i was back for good...haha!

so i started off as a follower...other people were doing it so i decided i should to...but over the years ive discovered so many other reasons for blogging...

1) i like being hopefully when people come across my teeny tiny space on the web they can read my post and smile...if i can make just one other person happy then im happy (obvi not all of my entries are light and fun but most of them are...haha!)....its like when i danced...i LOVED being on stage and was such an amazing feeling when people would come up to me after and tell me how much they love to watch me dance...the fact that i could bring joy into someone else's life is really gives me the warm and fuzzies! that i have no stage to dance on ive (tried) to move my entertaining skills over to my am i doing?! haha!

2) sharing stories of some of my adventures in life helps me remember them...after a while details of things get i love that i am able to read through my archives and re-live some of the better moments of my life...well of the past 3 years or so...haha!...which reminds me, i wonder whats sitting on my xanga...i should go check that out...haha!

3) this one is probably the most important...i find blogging to be really good for my mental health...i have a really hard time actually saying how i feel out loud...i keep a lot of my emotions bottled up inside (well the negative ones at least)...which is really bad...that kind of stuff can drive a girl crazy...ive found that its much easier to write it my blog has become my outlet for that...if i find that im feeling a little down in the dumps i'll constantly think of everything bad and it just wont stop until i let it i blog about it...i usually feel so much better afterwords...once i type it out the negativity stops consuming me and i can continue on with my thats why everyone in a while you'll see a woe is me blog...just know that im not looking for sympathy when i write them im just looking for an outlet...if you read those, thanks for listening! =)

well, what about you? why do you blog?

Friday, September 9, 2011

i heart mark sanchez

for those of you who dont know, mark sanchez is the quarterback of the new york jets and the cover story for the most recent issue of gq...and i think he is just the bee's knees...haha!...and i will marry him one day...hey a girl can dream cant she?! ;-)

there are so many reasons why i think hes great...for starters he is a super hottie...there is no denying that...but most of my attraction to him comes from other hes not afraid to admit he likes broadway...and he tweets funny pictures...and he doesnt curse outside of football...and the love he has for his mother...and his team pride...and his smile...and he has episodes of glee on his tivo...and he brought my jets to the afc championship 2 years in a row...

most of all he seems like a genuinely good guy...there are a lot of football players who seem totally full of themselves or seem like they would be nasty if you ever met them...but not mark...he seems like he wouldnt be like that...of course i could be wrong but im a pretty good judge of character...but come on, he wont even say anything bad about tom dont ever hear trash talk coming from him...the rest of the team, yes, but never mark...

i think another factor that makes me like him so much is i feel like hes my quarterback...sure i went to games here and there when chad pennington was qb...and even before that with vinny testaverde...but mark's rookie season was my rookie season as a season pass it was almost like we started a season pass holder i became more invested in the games (both financially and emotionally)...i was no longer a casual fan...i actually started to care...

well the jets season opener is this sunday...i hope they have an awesome season...and i hope that mark leads them to the 3rd afc championship game in a row...and i hope they win and make it to the super bowl!...well isnt that what everyone hopes for their team...haha!

so good luck future hubby...ill be up in section 202 rooting for you!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

summer of eleven...

...yeah, it was heaven!!!

i hate to say it but labor day was yesterday and you know what that means...summer is unofficially!!!...the end of the summer is always a little sad for instead of dwelling on it lets talk about all the awesome times i had this summer!!!

most of my weekends were spent dts...i dont really do anything special while im there but just being there is special in and of itself...i love everything about being down there...i love hanging out on our deck all day long...i love listening to music outside...i love getting a tan...i love that you can go out to breakfast in your pjs and messy hair and no one cares...i love watching movies on the beach while digging my feet into the sand...i love gazing at the stars trying to find the little dipper...i love being super close to my little squish...i love lounging in the baby pool...i love all the family drama...i love crawling back into bed to watch a movie if it gets too hot (or too chilly...haha) outside...i love joking and laughing with everyone...i love discussing strategies to find the best time to go home to get the least amount of traffic...i love taking a shower outside...i just love it all!!!

besides all the greatness of being down the shore i also had a really amazing backstreet summer...i went to 6 nkotbsb concerts...experienced my first (and 2nd and 3rd) vip...and most importantly i made a bunch of new friends thanks to the boys!...these girls have been so great all summer...we've exchanged countless emails sharing all kinds of things...yes i have little sis and little one to talk about bsb with but i really enjoy having all these new girls to share my thoughts and opinions with...we even had a bsb weekend...we watched old videos and played the board game and had a really fun time...(it you want to read more about the weekend my friend laura gave a quick recap over on her check it out here! )...

i know that my obsession level got up close to where it was during the black and blue era...maybe even surpassed it...i dont know...its close...haha!!...but who cares?! having fun and thats all that matters!!!

so only down side to this summer is that it came and went and i have made zero progress on the clark kent front...ugh!...sports guy comes back from vacay tomorrow so ill have to have a chat with him and get the ball rolling with that...

well i hope everyone had a spectacular summer like i did...lets see what the fall has in store for me...i hope its good!!! =)

until next time happy blogging!!!