Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Day BSB Song Challenge!

I stole this from Laura who found it on facebook. Its one of those 30 day song challenges but its only for Backstreet Boys songs. Instead of taking 30 days to complete, I’m just gonna do it all at once…Oh and im not going to use any songs twice…that parts not in the rules…I just decided to spread the love…so here goes…enjoy!! =)

Day 1 – Your Favorite Backstreet Boys Song from the Old Era ("Backstreet Boys" (1996) – "Black & Blue")
All I Have to Give

Day 2 – Your Least Favorite Backstreet Boys Song from the Old Era ("Backstreet Boys" (1996) – "Black & Blue")

Day 3 – Your Favorite Backstreet Boys Video
Just Want You to Know
(it takes place in jersey exactly 1 week after my birth, how could it not be my fave?!?)

Day 4 – A Backstreet Boys Song That Reminds You of Somewhere
It reminds me of the club, the restaurant, the grocery store, and the movies…haha!!

Day 5 – Your Favorite Song from "Backstreet Boys" (1996 International Release)
I Wanna Be With You

Day 6 – Your Favorite Song from AJ’s Solo Album ("Have It All")
I Quit

Day 7 – Your Favorite Song from "Backstreet’s Back" (1997 International Release)
That’s the Way I Like It

Day 8 – A Backstreet Boys Song That Makes You Want to Dance
I know you’re all thinking “really?”…and I say yesss! Every time I hear this song I want to do my beautiful lyrical solo from 2005

Day 9 – Your Favorite Song from "Millennium"
Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely

Day 10 – A Song That You Heard at Your First Backstreet Boys Concert
Just to be Close
Hearing howie sing “like a flower to a tree that’s how close I wanna be” makes me melt every time!

Day 11 – Your Favorite Song from "Black & Blue"
Not for Me

Day 12 – Your Favorite Song from Brian’s Solo Album ("Welcome Home")
I’m Alive

Day 13 – Your Favorite Song from "Never Gone"
Crawling Back to You

Day 14 – A Backstreet Boys Song That Reminds You of Someone
Trouble Is
It reminds me of little sis because she makes an over exaggerated OK sign everytime…I asked her why one time and she said “I feel like its something AJ would do…sure enough that’s exactly what he did when they sung this song in concert

Day 15 – Your Favorite Song from "Unbreakable"

Day 16 – A Backstreet Boys Song That Makes You Sad
Gone Without Goodbye
I know that this is a Brian only song…but I dare you to really listen to it and not be sad…its impossible

Day 17 – Your Favorite Song from "This Is Us"
I think this question is the hardest because all of the songs on this album are my fav…if you ask me the same question tomorrow my answer would probably be different

Day 18 – Your Favorite Song from One of Nick’s Solo Albums ("Now or Never", "I’m Taking Off")
Burning Up

Day 19 – Your Favorite Backstreet Boys Remix
The Call

Day 20 – Your Favorite Unreleased Song (Pt. 2)
Set It Off

Day 21 – Your Favorite Backstreet Boys Song from the New Era ("Never Gone" – "This Is Us")

Day 22 – Your Least Favorite Backstreet Boys Song from the New Era ("Never Gone" – "This Is Us")
Treat Me Right

Day 23 – Your Favorite Song from Howie’s Solo Album ("Back to Me")
Well, there’s only one so far so I have to pick it…haha!!!

Day 24 – A Backstreet Boys Song that Makes You Laugh
Boys Will Be Boys
I wanted to put PDA because of “kissin and touchin with my heands all over your booty” but then I realized that I already used it and I don’t want to repeat…so I picked this one cause its silly too!!

Day 25 – A Backstreet Boys Song You Used to Love but Now Hate
I Want it That Way

Day 26 – Your Favorite B-Side from a Single
If You Knew What I Knew

Day 27 – A Song from One of the Special 3-Disc Releases from the 2000 Burger King Promo
Don’t Want You Back (LIVE)

Day 28 – A Backstreet Boys Song That Makes You Fall Asleep
Set Adrift (On Memory Bliss)

Day 29 – Your Favorite Solo from a Backstreet Boys Album
Howie’s verse in Trouble Is
the first time I heard it I couldn’t believe it was him, it completely different from his normal sound but just as awesome!!! Oh and I decided that this doesn’t count as a repeat because its just one verse not the whole song…haha!

Day 30 – Your Favorite Song Where Kevin Noticeably Sings

Well…go ahead don’t be shy…share some of your answers…or copy the whole thing and share all of your answers…do whatever you want…the possibilities are endless!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

so long harry

unless you've been living under a rock you know that harry potter and the deathly hollows part 2 (the very last movie in the harry potter series) came out this past friday and smashed all kinds of records!...tons of people ventured out thursday night to see it a midnight...unfortunately i was not one of these people...stupid work!...haha!...but i did go right after work friday night with cool girl!...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!...out of the 8 harry potter movies i would have to say that this is my favorite!...there was a lot of story left to be told and not a lot of time to do it the movie didnt waste any time dilly dallying, it just dove right in where part 1 left off...all the important things from the book were in there...including the epilogue...i recommend every potter fan out there to see it!!!...

i gotta say that im sad that its all over...i got this feeling after i read the last book but in the back of my mind i thought well at least i have the last few movies to look forward to...but now its really over...there isnt anything else to look forward now what?...i think im gonna read the books again...ive never read all 7, in order, one right after the i guess i could do that...but i dont know...i always say im gonna do it, but i'll get a few chapters into the first one and then kinda forget about we'll see how it goes this time...haha!!!...

harry's given me many great times since i first picked up harry potter and the sorcerer's stone back in the summer of '01 (wow! its been 10 years already!)...i have such distinct memories of when each book came out (well 5, 6 and 7...the first 4 were already out when i started reading)...i went to banes & noble for the release parties they had...haha!...and i have distinct memories of the movies...the first one came out when i was a junior in high friends and i watched it on dvd ALL THE was our go to movie (well that and jimmy neutron...haha!)

so thanks harry potter for all the memories!!!...ill miss you and your magical hold you had over me! you! <3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

vip pictures

my vip pictures from houston were posted on the backstreet boys website last week...sorry it has taken me so long to put them up on here...most of you probably saw them already...oh doesnt hurt to look again!!! ; )

me and my boys!!!
i am obsessed with this picture...every time i look at it i see something new!!!

in case you were wondering...this was totally my inspiration for the whole reaching thing...haha!

little sis with bsb!!...she didnt realize brian (her fave) was so close!!

me and nicknick!!!

little sis and mr carter!...sqeeeeze!!!

well that all for now...and in case you missed it be sure to check out my review of the whole day here!!!...and as always dont be afraid to leave me some love! <3

Monday, July 11, 2011

bye bye love vs get down

this summer's nkotbsb tour started off with a different set list than the one that currently being used...when the tour started back at the end of may backstreet boys sang bye bye love...this song has since been taken out and replaced with get down...many fans are super excited about the change...but i for one was not a happy camper...

lets look at some facts about the songs and then ill get into the pros and cons of each...

year - 2009
album - this is us
single? - no
choreo - canes (while it may seem cheesy i know how difficult it really is)
vocal highlight - howie sings lead (not all of it but he has some parts)
crowd reaction - minimal because a lot of people dont know about the 3 post chapter 1 albums

year - 1996
album - backstreet boys (both the original red one and the compilation us one)
single? - yes (but not in us)
choreo - original 90's version
vocal highlight - aj's rapping
crowd reaction - crazy...its an old song people havent heard in a while and even fair weather fans know it

i have seen the concert with bye bye love and with get down and i am still on the side of bye bye love...get down def gets the crowd pumped up but it was never one of my faves...when i saw it of course i got super excited and screamed right along with everyone else but in the back of my mind i couldnt help but thing this is where bye bye love should be...

so im sure youre all wondering why i love bye bye love so much...honestly it has nothing to do with the song...(well i do love the song but i disagree with they lyrics..."i think i wanna stay single"...umm absolutely not! being single is the worst!...but thats a whole other story...haha!) has more to do with the fact that its a new song...i thought of it as a shout out to all the fans who have stuck with them...i felt special because i knew that song when most people didnt...and i thought of it as a good opportunity to show everyone that they didnt go anywhere...people could hear the song at the concert and say "oh i really liked that song let me go get it"...

when people ask them why they decided to get back together and go on tour with the new kids they always say we never broke up we've had 3 albums and have gone on 3 major world tours...well guess what boys your set list says differently!...they sing about 20 songs and only 1 of them is a post chapter 1 song...and even that one is 6 years old already...its just really frustrating to me because i know how awesome those 3 albums are and i just want other people to know about them too...and having bye bye love in the set list was a perfect way to say hey guys check out our new stuff!!!...but taking it out is like sending up the white flag and giving up...i dont want my boys to give up...their new stuff is great!!!!!

so im still on team bye bye love but i must admit that i am warming up to get down...its really not as awful as i thought it would be...and in a recent video i saw of it howie looks pretty freakin hott!!! love him! <3

okay so here are a few links to YouTube videos...check em out...judge for yourself...and let me know what you think...
bye bye love
get down

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bulletpoint time

i dont really have one topic to talk about so i guess ill just give you a quick update of whats been going on in my life!...haha!

~happy 4th of july every one...i know im a day late but what are you gonna do about it...*shrugs*...i celebrated the birth of our fine country in style dts!...our annual bbq was on sunday...unfortunately the weather didnt cooperate with was rainy and yuck all day...try cramming 70 people into a teeny tiny house...yeah, crowd central!...we usually have a lot but not that many...mommom's brother was there from ohio with all his kids and grandkids so that where all the extra people came from...little sis and i spent about a half hour analyzing them trying to figure out who was who...i carried around a cup with my name on it just incase they were doing the same!...haha!!! girl cait and her bo E (or aces as tjd was calling him all night...haha!) also showed up for the festivities...which was great! them!!!...we had tons of food...tons of drinks (well not me but everyone else...haha!)...some sparkler mishaps (did we get ones that were already used?!...haha!!!)...and tons of was an overall fun weekend!!!!...

~no news yet on the clark kent front...ugh!...i need to make a move...i really need to tell sports guy and ask him to help me out...its just weird...but then i was thinking about it and we make him tell us about all his dates and stuff so i should be able to tell him to set me up with clark kent (in a non-joking way)...right?!...i dont know how to approach it though...text would be easiest but is that too awkward???...i dont know...why is this so difficult...i need direction!

~im not sure if i ever mentioned this but i have a back up...its totally a joke but its still fun to talk about...i've been wanting to write a blog all about him and our outrageous was actually going to be my next post but then i found out he has a girlfriend now (i met her this weekend, didnt really talk to her much but she seems very sweet...she even played on the beach with my nephew! =D) now i feel weird writing about the out of control wedding im planning with someone who is in a relationship with someone else...everyone knows its a joke but its still weird cause she might not know...i dont want to ruffle any feathers ya we'll see where the future takes us...i might need to find a new backup...haha!

~my vip pictures still arent up...the suspense is killing me!!!...i want to see them so bad! so worried that i look terrible in them...i have my fingers and toes crossed that i dont look horrend...

~ i was a guest blogger over at my friend laura's awesome bsb cruise blog...i talked about door was really exciting because i never guest blogger that was really thanks laura for letting me take over your space for a minute!...i really appreciate it!!! guys you know what to do...head over there and check it out!

i think thats it for now...if i think of anything else ill be sure to let you know!!!