Monday, January 31, 2011

BSB Cruise 2010 (day four)

day four was our day at sea...but more importantly it was meet and great day!!!!! aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! lets get right to it shall we...

getting ready:

our meet and greet/picture time was 1:15...when little sis and i woke up we checked the tv and the time said 11:30...(please note that we were checking the time in the hallway but then one of our new friends said why dont you just check the time on the tv...i cant believe we didnt think of that...its so easy...haha!)...we decided to skip breakfast so we would have enough time to look fabulous for our boys...and less than 2 hours really wasnt a ton of we were ready and out the door around 1245 and went to meet our group members...(we needed to have groups of 8...and ps the girls in our group are awesome!)...none of them were ready...this concerned me slightly...i knew we still had a half hour but to still have wet hair? i was shocked...haha...since no one else was ready we decided to meet everyone there...we went to see what the line was like and we couldnt believe how long it was but this point it was after 1 and everyone on line was in group one which started at noon...while we were looking at the line we saw our dinner friends waiting...(they were in group 1 and we were in group 2 so thats why we couldnt go together)...we said something about the time and how late it was and they said no its only noon now...wait what?!?...are you kidding me?!?...we were an hour off the whole time!...and all because we strayed from our hallway method of telling time...(apparently just turning on the tv wasnt good enough...we had to go to the guide channel for the right time)...haha!!!...after this discovery we ran into our cool neighbors (who we totally conviced the time was later than it really was...oops)...since we had a whole extra hour we went to eat lunch...oh boy...sorry for such a long getting ready story but i thought it was pretty funny!...haha!!! =)

meet and greet:

honestly this was such a felt like one second i was standing on the line waiting to meet my boys and the next second it was over...sadly no one was allowed hugs...handshakes only...booo! i wanted a hug!...but a handshake is better than nothing...i mean i touched them! and thats all i can ask for...*squeel!!!!* when it was our turn we went up on the little stage they had set up...little sis was infront of me and she introduced herself to brian...he was a little confused cause 3 girls in our group had the same name (little sis included!) i followed suit and introduced myself to him and said "hi im ashley, its not the same as everyone else...*giggle*!"...i think (and i say think because i was in such a state of shock its hard to remember the details) he laughed as well and said nice to meet you down the line was howie and then nick...i have absolutly no idea what i said to either of them so i couldnt tell you...even if you paid me a millions dollars!!!...haha!...then we were rushed into the picture...and i smiled my best! not gonna lie i totally practiced my smile in the mirror earlier that day....haha!!!...then as we were leaving i got to shake aj's hand...i think i said thank you...and he said something about enjoying the show later! that moment my dreams of meeting the backstreet boys finally came true!!!...words really cant describe how amazing it was...i know it lasted for about 2 minutes but it was so worth it!!!

down time:

we had a ton of time in between the meet and greet and the concert...little sis and i wanted to watch the jets game...but it wasnt playing on the we decided to go back to our rooms and back our bags...then we just strolled around the ship for a while...we ran into our super cool neighbors so we stopped to chat...and then we realized they were sitting right next to brian!! eek!! of course we stayed there for a while...haha!...then some more girls from our photo group spotted us and stopped to chat...we didnt want to be to obvious standing around watching brian so we left with the girls from our group...we brought them on the door dec grand tour...starting with our door and then we went to the winner and other doors that were mentioned...while we were on deck 7 durring our tour we saw a whole bunch of girls just standing we went to investigate...just as we got over there howie walked by!!! the other 3 followed not too long after him...that was exciting cause i was def not expecting to see them at that moment! after that it was time to finish packing, take down our door(so sad!),and get ready for our last dinner...

dinner time:

we didnt sit at our normal table bacause it was already taken...but we did sit in the same area...the most exciting thing that happened was our friend from alabama got a picture with howie as he was leaving...of course i wish it was me but i was happy for her!!!...


the boys put on a full scale production of the this is us tour...really the only difference was that they didnt have the dancers with them...oh and some guy got up on stage after one of the songs and proposed to his girlfriend!...again i wish it was me...haha!...oh my god...imagine?!...haha!...if you want to read my complete thoughts on the this is us tour ill post the link at the was pretty awesome!!!

black and blue night:
umm yeah...this was ummm...okay...i lets rewind a smidge...the deck party started off like the rest of them...the music was great and the crowd was pumped...everyone was in black and blue...which looked soo cool!...but the problem was that it was a tad chilly outside and super windy...the boys came out (yay!) but quickly said "lets move the party inside" (boo!)...before they even finished the sentence girls were running towards the now about 2000 girls were trying to get into a club that held maybe two...three hundred at the most!...(oh the anxiety!)...little sis and i made our way down there and waited around for maybe a half hour...we realized it was highly unlikely that we would get we admited defeat and went back to our just stinks that this was the last night and we got such a dissapointing send off...i know there is nothing anyone can do about the weather...i just wish they had a better back up plan...ya know?...well whats done is done...

bonus (day 5):
it was time to go sad....but overall our trip was AMAZING!!! landed in the number one spot in my top 10 of 10 list!!!...i couldnt have asked for a better blew my expectations out of the water!!...but the icing on the cake happened at the airport while i was waiting for my plane...(no, i didnt meet any of them so its not at that level of excitment but it was pretty cool)...i tweeted the backstreet boys to say thank you for the cruise and all that jazz...AND THEY RETWEETED ME!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!....haha!!...see like i said not as exciting as a siting but still pretty cool...right?!?...well i thought it was!!!...yay!!!

well thats it folks...thats my story...sorry it took so long to terrible i know...haha...and if you missed them or just feel like rereading please check out my recaps of the first 3 days...oh and as always dont be afraid to leave comments!!!
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