Monday, December 31, 2012

New year's eve!!!

How is it the last day of 2012 already?!

This year was an interesting one for def had its ups and know i dont like to focus on the negative so we dont have to worry about the i will be back soon with my top 12 of '12...with no bsb cruise this year whats gonna top my list?!...i dont know...its a tough must stay tuned to find out!!!

I just wanted to check in real fast to wish everyone a very happy new year!!!!...2013 is going to be AMAZING i can feel it...right now im off to backstreet boys concert number 49...its the best way i can think of to ring in the new year!!! =)

one more thing before i leave you to your festivities for the secret santa predictions were soooo wrong...haha!....but the worst part is i had the real order written down and then i changed my mind at the last second!...ugh!...ill get em next year!...haha!

Thats it for me in 2012...ill be back in 2013 with bigger and better (and more) stories about my adventures...have fun tonight everyone!!!! =D

Monday, December 24, 2012

Secret santa predictions

Sorry i have been so mia lately...but its chistmas eve and that means its time for my secret santa predictions...lets see how this turns out...oh and ill be using all cool blog names...haha!!...but i really have no idea this im totally guessing...

Little sis has the mayor

The mayor has little sis

Little one has meg

Meg has blla

I have little one

Tv girl has the princess

Blla has prince charming

Prince charming has tv girl 

The princess has the captain

The captain has me

Ps...meg's cool blog name is to be determined!!...haha!!!