Thursday, August 23, 2012

tv girl and the captain said i do!!!

June 30th 2012 is the day my beautiful cousin (tv girl) married her knight in shinning armor (the captain)...sit tight folks cause im about to recap the whole event!!!

My hair debacle that morning set me back about an hour but i managed to get ready with one minute to spare! family piled into a couple of cars and we were off to the church...i was getting a little nervous because tv girl asked me to do a not really a fan of speaking in front of people...and to make matters worse, only about an hour before i got a text saying my reading was i had absolutely no idea what would be waiting for me...oh boy...

We arrived at the church and the ceremony started not too long after girl looked absolutely beautiful...her dress was perfect for her in every way...i loved it!!! reading came up pretty 2 sentence reading turned into a full typed was long!...i stumbled over a few words but i got through it...and the people said i did a good glad i didnt mess up and ruin the whole thing...the relief i felt when it was over was great...i did it!...phew!...haha!...the rest of the ceremony went on without a hitch...well the mayor and tjd filled in to present the gifts because the guys who were scheduled to do it were stuck in traffic...but other than that nothing went wrong...the ceremony was beautiful and father frank did a really excellent job!!!

After the ceremony was over we headed over the the woodbridge hilton (where the reception was being held)...we stopped at quick check on the way to buy snacks for the room...did we really need to get donuts and chips? Probably not, but we got them anyway and they were delicious...haha!...anyway...when we got to the hotel we had just enough time to bring our stuff to the room and freshen up a little before cocktail hour started...and yes i stayed at a hotel 10 minutes from where i live..haha!

The cocktail hour was great...i dont remember all the specific foods they had but i do remember that it all tasted good!...i spent most of my time chit chatting and eating...i think i told everyone about my big time skype call...haha!...hey, it was fresh in my mind because it happened the night before...haha!...i was able to see tv girl and tell her how gorgeous she looked...and i saw the captain and welcomed him to the family...they really are just the cutest together!!! <3 p="p">
Next was time for the reception to get started...table 15 was where it was at!...#woohootable15...haha! pretty sure i sat in between tjd and the princess...but i could be totally making that up...haha!...before all the entrances happened i took a few pictures of the cake and the lighting and the center pieces and all that stuff...the cake was beautiful...i LOVED the cake toppers...the groom was captain america because that is his all time fav character (hence the cool blog name of the captain...haha!)...the center pieces were great too...she found these really awesome candle holders in different sizes that looked vintage and she put them on top of a mirror and put some flower petals around it...they really came out great!

The reception started off with all the intros and then moved into the first dance...they were so cute! came the mother son dance and the father daughter dance...the captain and his mom were great...very for tv girl and her dad, i absolutely LOVED it!!!....they started off with somewhere over the rainbow and then out of no where it changed to the twist!!....omg! Sooo much fun!!! was such a great idea...its so good that i may have to steal it if i ever get married...unfortunately if i did i would have to find someone to play the part of my dad cause theres no way he would do it...haha!...

Another fun thing about this wedding is they had a photo booth...they put out all kinds of props and people could just go over there and take pictures all night...yeah, we took a lot...some of them are really funny!, see for yourself!...

Pretty much the rest of the time we danced the night soon as we were done eating i was out of my seat dancing...we did the cha cha slide and the cupid shuffle and my new fav the wobble...and we danced to call me maybe and i want it that way and all kinds of other songs!!!i didnt stop at all...well except for when i stepped on glass...yeah, that happen...AGAIN!...haha!...i dont know why im laughing...stepping on glass hurts!..but at the same time it is really funny that i did it again...i guess some things never change...huh?!?...haha!

Something else that didnt change is gg caught the bouquet...but this time tjd got the garter...not the mayor...of course there was a mirror and they were totally aimed for but thats besides the point...haha!...after tjd put the garter on gigi the dj made them switch places and gg had to put the garter on tjd!...very funny!!!!

Sadly the night had to come to an!!!!...i for one had a blast and didnt want it to be over!!!! girl and the captain certainly know how to throw an amazing party!!!...i just want to take a quick second to thank them for including me in their special day...i love you guys!!! <3 p="p">