Thursday, January 26, 2012

#MySisterSaidIDo (rehearsal dinner)

the rehearsal dinner for my sister's wedding occured on thursday night and was a ton of fun! was held at Lasola's Restuarant and was hosted by prince charming's parents...

i <3 my sisters!!!
 typically only immediate family and the wedding party are invited to the rehersal dinner...but since this was a destination wedding (and anything but typical) everyone was invited! at around 730 we all headed up to the restuarant...when we got there we were greated by our gracious hosts...seriously, they are 2 of the nicest people i have ever met!!...let me just take a second to thank them for the awesome evening!...thanks!!!

we had the place to ourselves...everyone chatted and had some cocktails...well i didnt have any cocktails but everyone else did...haha!...before long we all found a place to the main dining area they arranged the tables in a large u...there was also a smaller square shaped set of tables in the middle...

there was a buffet set up by the bar...the food was soooo good!...i tried a little bit of everything! was all delicious!...i think my fav was the seafood was probably the best lasagna ive ever had in my life...of course dessert came after dinner...they had a whole bunch of mini deserts...the mini tiramisu was delish!...
the groom and his men

since we had 2 birthdays (1 from each side) we also had 2 birthday cakes!!...mmmm....i love cake!...haha! of the cakes was for kv...but the wrong name was written on it...this prompted kv to give an amazing peach...he started off by saying it was an honour to be mistaken for his father (the name on the cake)....then the rest of the speech went on to thank the grooms parents for the about the wedding coming up the next day...tease bff about his best man speech coming up the next day...and everything else in was the perfect speech he has up laughing and crying....well done kv, well done!...i really wish someone had recorded it...
cousins and mommom

after dinner we took a ton of pictures and danced the night away...there was no dj or anything like that, just the music playing in the was very islandy...everyone was up and on the dance was a lot of fun!!!

the wedding party

thats about it for the rehearsal dinner....if you havent already done so please check out my previous recaps...
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up next is the big wedding day!!!...stay tuned!!!

also please enjoy some more lovely photos of the event while you wait! =)
we cant help ourselves...we always have to take a "look at the moon" picture...haha!

me and tjd

me and the mayor

bff and little sis

the happy couple with their parents
action shot!
and finally...
i told you we cant help ourselves...the mayor and the princess looking at the moon!...haha!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

#MySisterSaidIDo (christmas party)

i thought long and hard about how i wanted to go about covering this...breaking it into parts was easy but then i decided that i wanted the wedding itself to be the last im going to have to go out of order a bit...the christmas party actually happened the day after the wedding...but im going to talk about it first...well second...umm you know what i mean!

the christmas party was the brainchild of f.u.n...she usually has a christmas party every year the weekend before christmas...the fact that we were all going to be in st maarten that weekend didnt stop also served as a nice thing for all of us to do together on or last night...

f.u.n decorated her room complete with fully decorated christmas tree and lots of lights and christmas cards and candy canes and other fun christmasy things...she played christmas music all night and had all sorts of food to pick cheese and crackers and chips and all that good stuff...she did a really great job organizing everything...

the finishing touch to the party was the glow stick bracelets i handed out to everyone...i had the left over from 80s night on the i figured i would bring them and pass them out at the reception...i totally forgot about them that night and saw them sitting in my room on i brought them over to the christmas party...most people probably didnt care about them but i liked em...most of us were sitting outside so i thought it was great that everyone had a glow stick on...haha!

for the most part we all just hung out and chatted about all kinds of things...but my favorite part of the night is when we had a mini photo session...the boys went first...they all got together and took a picture but bff wasnt in it...this was funny because they know how upset he gets when they dont include him...of course he saw the photo happening and came running...when he got there they all walked away...wait...before i go any further i think it would be better if i show you instead of tell here goes...haha!
hurry take the pic before bff gets here!

oh no! here he away!!

okay can be in the photo...but only if we lift you up...

...and throw you in the pool!!!

we dropped him...lets roll him in!!

still not in the pool...oh well...ride 'em cowboy!

pyramid time!!

please note tjd standing on the side thinking they are all nuts!!!

next up was the girls turn...we couldnt come up with anything as awesome as a! we just took a group shoot...and then we tried the whole jumping didnt really work out so well...but i cant help but laugh when i see the pictures because we really did try so hard to get it right but it just want working...
nice photo

attempt at jumping...clearly didnt work!...haha!!

well that pretty much how the christmas party was a great last hurrah in st time you here from me ill be recapping the rehearsal dinner...

if you missed it please check out part 1 of my wedding recap!!
#MySisterSaidIDo (Vacation Part)

also not wedding related but i was recently a guest blogger over at laura's bsb cruise blog...i wrote all about my big door dec win!!!...exciting stuff right?!?...yeah it is!!! please go check it out!!!
My Winning Door Decoration!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#MySisterSaidIDo (vacation part)

this is my first post of its only  fitting to say: happy new year everyone!!!! i hope everyone had an awesome holiday season!!! as promissed im here to talk all about my trip to the fabulous island of st maarten for the princess' wedding to her prince charming!!! i think it might be too much to put it all in just one i think im gonna break it up a today im going to talk about the vacation part of the trip...then in the next few posts ill go into detail about the rehersal christmas stay tuned for those!

the bay i swam in every day
everything about the trip was amazing...we all had sooo much fun days didnt consist of much...but after the insanity that i like to call bsbcruise 2011, the relaxation was def needed!...most days i woke up, got dressed and made my way over to the was a short stroll from our room on the first floor...when it got too hot to lay out, i went swimming in the crystal clear bay...and by swimming i mean floating...the water was very salty so eveyone was extra was so easy to just relax and let the tide gently rock you back and was so peaceful out there...i never wanted to get out!...

our path to the pool
happy hour started every afternoon at everyday the mayor and i got 2 for 1 pina coladas...after that was nap time on the lounge chairs by the pool...quick side note, the first day i was back at work i sent the mayor a text at nap time and said "its nap time by the pool...why arent we napping and why arent we by the pool???"...haha!

after nap time we said goodbye to the pool and went back to the room to get ready for dinner...we went to a different place everynight...they

lounging by the pool
were all delish...i didnt have a bad meal the entire time...besides the rehersal dinner and reception dinner (i'll talk about those later) i think the best meal i had was at lunch the day after the wedding...i went to toppers on the beach and had a mahi ruben sandwich...omg! it was sooo good...i want to go back to st maarten right now just so i can eat that sandwich again!...haha!!!...

chatting on the deck
every night wrapped up with a bunch of us chatting away on someones deck...we sat and talked and laughed with everyone for was really great to be with everyone on vacation just relaxing and having fun!!!...

with just under 50 people there you always had someone to talk to or go somewhere with...i really love being with my family so anytime you stick us on vacation together we are bound to have a good time...

*please note that our next big trip is to punta cana in the fall of this year...everyone is welcome to come!!!!!

i guess thats it for the general vacation stuff...ill be back soon with the rehersal dinner...until then, happy blogging!

our party goes all the way to the front of the line...but we didn't want to go home!!