Monday, June 15, 2009

okay so...

i have a few things on my mind today...and what better place to let them out than on my blog that no one

first on my aganda: do you remember my post titled possible new crush?...yeah well hes out...i found out on friday that he does in fact have a thats that...and he really wasnt for me anyway...but no worries because i found a new guy...and im gonna refer to him as the new guy...the reason for this is 2 fold...1) he isthe new guy im crushin on and 2) hes the new guy at the beach (the new lifeguard)...i saw him from a far yesterday and he is super cute...and deb tells me hes really i told deb to work on it for me...haha...and hes gonna be working with bff all summer so maybe he can talk me up too...but idk...knowing bff he may say something stupid and i dont want him to get annoying about anyway i hear that the new guy is a high school teacher and the coach of the swim team at that high school...secretly i always pictured myself ending up with a teacher...i dont know why but i just maybe thats a sign...haha...i guess we'll just have to see what happens this summer...and someone will need to find out how he feels about little tea

next: i just want to let you know that on thursday i wrote a super long blog sharing my opinnions on all 10 dances that were performed on the top 20 performance show...when i was finished with it i hit the clear button instead of the okay button and lost the whole was so prepared for my thoughts on the top 18...hopefully i wont make the same mistake twice in a row...

last: i cant beleive haw rainy it has been here in jersey the past few months...its kinda depressing...if i dont keep up the slight tan i have im gonna burn again...and thats never lets all hope the sun comes back so it will actually feel like summer...but until then i will just have to make my own sunshine!

bye kids!