Wednesday, May 30, 2012

do you ever wonder...

...what it would be like to date a celebrity?!...cause i do...all the time...its actually one of my favorite day dreaming topics...haha!...for the purposes of this post im gonna use kendall from big time rush...oh how i wish i could go out with him!...i mean imagine waking up next to this...ugh!!!!...haha! ;-)

kendall posted this picture on twitter a month or so ago...its my fav!!! <3
***DISCLAIMER!: Before i go any further i just want to say that im not cray cray...i am completely aware that everything im about to say isnt real, nor will it ever be just a girl imagining the what if!...this is meant to be fun!!!***

Since ive thought about this topic extensively i thought it would be a good idea to break down a few of the different aspects of heres some questions that i ask myself and the answers i come up with...haha!

how would he treat me?
well since i dont know kendall in real life i can only base this answer on what i know about him and how he presents himself to the i think that he would be incredibly sweet...he wrote a song called "cover girl" and if you havent heard it before do a quick youtube search (or at least look up the lyrics!)...for someone so young to write a song that so positive and sweet towards women is amazing...also the tweets he sends to his fans make my heart melt...always so caring...he never fails to put a smile on my face with my theory is if hes this awesome towards people hes never met, hes gotta be even more awesome towards the girl hes dating..if that girl was me i imagine that i would never feel like anything less than a superstar!

how would we handle the long distance thing?
im a jersey girl and hes in California most of the time...that wont exactly make things easy for the relationship...but i dont see why we couldnt see each other on weekends...based on twitter it seems like they film their show an a monday to friday schedule...i work monday to surely one of us could hop on a plane to visit the other for the weekend...right? mom works for a airline so i can fly super cheap and hes got millions so the cost wouldnt really matter to him...haha!...and when hes on tour i could just meet up with him where ever he is on the will be great...i really think i would be fine not seeing him everyday...i mean ive never been in a relationship before so ive always been able to do whatever i want when ever i want...having a long distance relationship kinda lets me keep that freedom...yeah, it could totally work!!!

what if things got serious and he asks me to move to california?
this is something im not sure i could do...i dont know if i could leave my super attached to them...and if i move there ill have to get a what happens when he goes on tour and im stuck there by myself for months because i cant take off from work that not all that great at making new friends so i would be there all kendall...i would be miz...the only way it would be okay is if i didnt have a job so i could go on tour with him...but i need a job!...i have bills to pay!!!...moving is def something that would have to be discussed in detail between the two of us...who knows, maybe at that time the pros will outweigh the cons!...haha!!!...oh! You know what would be really great? If i could be a dancer on their tour...i could totally do it!!!!...that would take care of the job situation!...haha!...but what about my family?!...ugh!..haha!!!!

will i be able to handle his heartthrob status?
yes, i think so...i would def be supportive of him hugging fans and tweeting them and talking to them and even kisses on the cheek would be okay...i will make sure that he continues to do all of these things because i know how much it means to them...i dont think its something that every girl would understand but since i am a die hard backstreet fan i know exactly how much the little things mean to these girls...a simple hug could make a fans life me!!!

would i still be able to go on my backstreet adventures?
of course!...if he were to protest or say anything about it all i have to say is if it werent for girls like me, you wouldnt have a job...he would have to fact i think he would understand more than normal boys!...the other day i did take this one a step too far and wondered if he would pay for me to go on the laura came back to me and said just call it research for any future btr cruises that would i said well if thats the case he can pay for my whole research team!...haha!!!

would the fans like me?
well i certainly hope so...but im not stupid..i know that there are gonna be tons of girls who would hate me...i would like to think that i could handle the negative things girls would say about my appearance...i think it would be tough to take digs at my personality..but like little sis says, they dont know you so who cares what they say, you know its not true...anyway i hope that theres a bunch of fans who would like me...i think im a likable person...dont you?!...and all those fans who like me would follow me on twitter and read my blog...oh my gosh, my readership would go up so much!!!...i just hope they wont get upset with all my posts about my backstreet adventures!....haha!!!!

what kind of girlfriend would i be? (In terms of backstreet wives)
would i be like rochelle?...very present on twitter, tweets about everyday things going on in her life...a little on the shy and quiet side in leighanne?...always interacting with the fans on twitter and in person...or like leigh?...not on twitter at all...dont see her around much but shes secretly out in the crowd rocking out to iwitw with everyone else...i think i would be a little bit of all three but im not sure...i guess it would depend on the i wouldnt change my twitter habits, i would still tweet about random everyday things and tweet my friends (like rochelle)...i would be nice to fans when i meet them, if they want a picture ill take a picture, if they want to chat ill chat (like leighanne)...and you better believe if im at a concert i will be in the crowd signing and dancing right beside everyone else (like leigh)

I feel like there are so many more tangents i let my mind wonder down when im day dreaming about kendall...but i think ill stop get the point right?!...haha!...maybe one day all this will come true...but until then a girl can dream!!!! =)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


**real quick before i start, i just want to say sorry!...i know i said i would be posting more often then totally dropped of the face of the planet...i went on vacay and when i got back work got crazy again...ill tell you all about it in an upcoming post...but for now lets get to the good stuff!!!**

to kick off the month of may little sis and i hopped on a plane and flew over to geneva switzerland to see NKOTBSB!!!...once we met up with laura and anne marie (you girls need some cool blog names! haha!!) and had an amazing backstreet adventure!!!...

sure i can sit here and tell you all about geneva but i feel like most of you just want to here about the boys...sooo ill keep this short...geneva is a beautiful city but not much to do...also its very expensive to eat...the first night little sis and i paid 60 chf (about $65) for 2 grilled cheese sandwiches and 2 waters...yeah, i know...umm and we'll leave it at that...concert time!!...haha!!

the day of the concert we took the bus to the arena (public transportation is really great there...nothing like the nasty A train...haha!) not sure what time we got there but we waited a while before we were let was a beautiful day so i didnt mind so much...eventually vip check in started (we went all the way to europe, of course we got platinum vip!)...we were let in and we learned that they had some problems with the truck the stage travels in so soundcheck would be a little different...i never would have imagined how different (read as awesome) it would be!...

we were taken upstairs to the mezzanine level and waited a little more...then we saw the boys coming down the corridor!!...eeekkk!!!!....they stood on the steps in front of us and explained instead of the run of the mill sound check (a couple songs and 4 questions) we would get a special sound check...question and answer only!!...woohoo!!!...of course this ment that our 4 "get another boyfriend" signs were useless but thats okay...we still ended up holding them up...aj loved em!...but im getting ahead of myself...anyway...right out of the gate we made our presence known!...laura was the first one to shoot her hand up when the floor opened for she was the first one to ask one!!!...

after a few more questions went by little sis got to ask a question too!!...i was so proud of her for doing it because she backed out the last few times...she also got to tell them that we came from jersey!!...jersey is always a great ice breaker!...whenever we mention it they always have something to say...after the q&a was over we ended up having a long convo about the good ole garden state with howie (brian and aj chimed in too)...howie was joking with us and asked "what exit?", brian looked at him like he was crazy, but we answered without missing a beat...haha!!...then we told him that we went to the same high school that andrew fromm went to and he was really excited about that little tidbit (go hawks!! haha!)...

one more funny thing that happened...well little sis and i thought it was funny, im not sure if anyone else would...before picture time howie started fanning his shirt out and smelling himself...then he went over to brian and said smell me, do i smell bad? and was shoving his armpit in brians face...haha!!!...little sis and i were dying!...its so funny to us because she does that to me ALL THE TIME!...haha!!!

next up was picture time!!! barricade!!! yay!!!!...little siis went before me and after all the jersey talk asked them to fist pump...nick and aj didnt get the memo...haha!...i went right after her...obviously my 3 seconds with the boys went by waaaayyyy too fast...i said hello to all of them...nick winked at me which totally made me swoon...and i asked them to squeeeeeze in for my picture.... im extremely happy with how it came out!!! 

after picture time was backstage tour time with AJ!!! yay!!!....his tour was way better than nick's...aj was very entertaining...he gave us a lot of good info and told some funny jokes...going into the tour we had a giant list of questions we had for them...and during the tour me managed to ask a whole bunch of them...i was proud of us!...we also made sure we were front and center the whole time...i had a lot of fun during this part...we totally ran the show and i loved every second of it!...haha!! you probably know, everyone had to come up with some sort of pose for our picture per aj's request...since it is one of my dreams to dance with a backstreet boy i asked aj to do an everybody pose...i love the way it came out...but not as much as i love little sis' picture with him...i totally thought of that pose for her...its amazing!!! last thing is i totally blew my chance to get a hug from aj....but i dont want to talk about it cause i get mad at myself...okay ill talk about it...after he signed my vip pass he stepped in closer to me and put his arm around me but like an idiot, i stepped back...i thought he was coming in for the picture and i didnt want a regular picture so i panicked and backed away from him...ugh! im sooo stupid!!!...its weeks later and im still kicking myself...ugh!!!...haha!!!

the concert itself was general admission...we were debating were to stand...some of us wanted the front of the stage...and some of us wanted the head of the we ended up with a compromise and stood in the middle right next to a gate...this ended up working out well for us because danny came out that way during tonight  and brian and aj came through that way for shape of my heart...when danny came by i took a picture of him when we was directly in front of he looked at me and said "do you want a picture with me?" so i said "yeah ill take a picture with you!!!"...he then took pictures with my girls and no one else...i wonder if its because we seemed to be the only ones in the whole audience singing along to the new kids songs...maybe they noticed...who knows?...also during the concert little sis managed to ask aj for his pocket square and got it!!!!

well thats it folks...another amazing backstreet adventure in the books and many more to come!!!...i had a blast per usual!!...for more videos from soundcheck and the concert please visit laura and anne marie's youtube pages...also you can check out lauras recap of the event over on her blog!!