Thursday, December 24, 2009

secret santa

its time for my official secret santa predictions!

cort has trev
trev has cort
britt has steph
steph has meg
meg has kate
kate has ty
ty has me
i have britt

we'll see if im right this year!


Friday, December 4, 2009


i have noticed that i become addicted to things pretty easily (not bad worries) could be a tv show or a book or a game or even blogging...i find myself trying to squeeze in every possible second to satisfy ny need to do whatever it is im obsessing over at the moment...and then after a while i start to lose interest...lets take a look at some of these things...

blogging~> last year around october novemberish i was blogging almost was it possible that i had so much to say?...i probably didnt have anything interesting to write...i just put down anything so i could say i blogged for the day...i was obsessed so i did it...i had to...but now i kinda just write when something comes to me...i dont try to find stuff to talk about...its just what comes out...

games~> these addictions dont last as long as some of my other ones but if i find a game i really like i feel like i constantly need to play it...i started playing bejewled blitz on facebook and loved it...i even downloaded it to my ipod so i could play it on the i pretty much play it all the time...i think im almost over it but not yet...there have been many games like this over the years...

tv shows on dvd~> if i start watching a series on dvd thats all ill watch...all my other shows fall by the waste side...there have been times that i have stayed up way later than i should have because ill say oh ill just watch one more episode...and then 3 episodes later im still saying just 1 more...when i was a senior in college i watched all 10 seasons of friends in about a week over my winter break...thats crazy!...i mean really...who does that?!?...right now i am obsessed with survivor!...right after last season was over it was on sale on i tunes so i bought it...i never really got around to watching it but then the other day i decided hey why dont i watch some of this again...of course i couldnt stop until the season was over...(yay jt!...he's totally my survivor fobo!) i want to buy another season...but i dont know which one...anyone have any suggestions???...

twilight~> last fall i was completley obsessed with twilight...i gave up my morning nap to read...i couldnt wait to get out of work just so i could continue reading...and then the movie was coming out and i need to know everything there was to know about it...i absolutely LOVED all things twilight related...i even blogged about it every tuesday...then after all the hype died down i kinda forgot about it...of course i went to see new moon on opening day this year but i wasnt nearly as excited for of course im still a fan of the whole twilight saga but im not going crazy about it anymore...

backstreet boys~> this is my longest lasting obsession...of course its more intense at times than others but i think its the one obsession i will never get rid of...ive been a fan since 7th grade what can i say...they are my all time fav and ALWAYS will be!!!