Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fall tv!

the best part about the fall for me is all new episodes of my favorite tv shows...and if you're a tv junkie like me you know how important and exciting it is to have new guess what makes the most since is to go day by day like my girl cait did over at finding my balance...she added fancy pictures and everything to her fall tv preview...but im not that cool...sorry...haha!


dancing with the starts~> (8pm abc) this year the cast is bigger and better than early faves are aaron carter (of course), mya, the model partners with derek, kelly osbourne (she really surprised me), and iron chef...

heroes~> (8pm nbc) i havent gotten a chance to watch the premire episode but im excited for it...i cant wait to find out what all our favorite heroes and villians are up to...


so you think you can dance~> (8pm fox) best show ever...enough super excited that we dont have to wait until next summer to get my sytycd fix...but im a little sad that season 5 doesnt have as much time to be in the spotlight...they totally deserve to be remember...s5 was the best one yet...speaking of s5 im going to the tour tomorrow and friday nights...i cant wait!!!...GET EXCITED!!!...

the biggest loser~> (8pm nbc) i just started watching this show last season and i am hooked...its so inspirational...and its the only show that can cause me to tear up week after week...haha...


sytycd results~> (8pm fox) its always exciting to see the group dance...and always sad to see another 2 dancers go home

glee~> (9pm fox) this show is new this season...if youre not watching it you should be...its so clever and witty and funny...and there is some awesome singing in it too...just trust me on this will love it!


survivor~ (8pm cbs) only one episode and there is already a villan...last season coach was off his rocker but this guy he is just intentionally aweful...i dont have a favorite yet but give me a few episodes and ill have my guy...but i dont see anyone being as awesome as jt from last season...=)

the vampire diaries~> (8pm cw) another awesome new show...if you like twilight you will love this can you not love boone from lost as an evil vampire?...he is perfect in the part!

supernatural~> (9pm cw) the winchesters are back for another demon hunting season...but this time they are facing the devil himself and the apocolypse...oh boy!...good luck with that...haha...anyway...they boys are as hot as ever (hey there's a reason why jenson is number 1 on my


smallville~> (8pm cw) oh no...not friday!...its the kiss of death...the season hasnt started yet so i dont know how its going...but i can tell you that im excited for supermans return (no, not the movie)...

psych~> (10pm usa) this show started its season in august but there are still new episodes so im gonna include it!...shawn and gus hav never been funnier!...i love how they point out how the mentalist totally copied them...the only complaint i have about this season is shawn has a girlfriend and its not could that be?...


the amazing race~> (8pm cbs) the race hasnt started yet but im sure it will be just as exciting as it always it!

brothers & sisters~> (10pm abc) this hasnt started yet either...i cant wait to see what drama the walkers have for us this season...there's never a dull moment with them...i think i love this show so much because it kinda reminds me of my family...haha!

i think thats it...not too much...haha...thank god for tivo!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the list

anyone who is a fan of friends like myself will remember the episode where ross made a list of the celebrities it would be okay to cheat with...kinda like a free i decided to make my own list...even though i have no boyfriend so it really wouldn't be cheating at maybe for me its more of like a dream list...haha...

while thinking who i should put on my list i started to wonder if i should waste spots on the list with married men...because lets face it ashley from jersey isnt going to be on any of their at the same time its a dream list so who cares...and its not like im gonna get it laminated like ross did...haha...

this was way harder than i thought it would be cause i heart a ton of celebs!





5) A BACKSTREET BOY (i realize that im cheating a little bit here but its okay...haha)

so who's on your list???

Monday, September 7, 2009

my kind of guy

i stole the following from facebook...its a whole bunch of questions about the type of boys you if anyone knows anyone who fits my answers please give him my

1) do you need him to be good looking?
i dont need him to be good would just be a bonus...=)

2) smart?
YES! the smarter the better!

3) preferred age?
between 23 and 30

4) preferred height?
taller than me...which isnt very

5) how about a sense of humor?
umm...the title of my blog is confessions of a giggler...ergo i like to laugh...ergo a sense of humor is important...haha!!!

6) how about piercings?
no thanks

7) accepts you for who you are?
of course!

8) pink hair?
absolutely not

9) mushy or no?
a small amount of mushiness sometimes is cute but too much would probably get annoying

10) thin or fat?
any size

11) black, brown, or white (skin color)?

12) long hair or short hair?

13) plastic or metal?
what does this question mean?????

14) smells good?
yes! smells good is a def plus!

15) smoker?

16) drinker?
it doesnt long as its not way too excessive...

17) boy-next-door type?
yeah...i def like the "all american" type

18) muscular?
sure it would be nice but its not a requirement...

19) plays piano?
not necessary

20) plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
also not necessary (but it would be pretty cool)

21) plays violin?

22) sings very good?
i dont care if he sings well or not as long as he doesnt mind singing loud while driving in the car with me...haha...

23) vain?
def not

24) with glasses?
i dont depends on the person...but it really doesnt make a difference to me...

25) with braces?
i hope at this point in life the braces phase would have passed already...but if thats what he needs to have straight teeth then im all about them...cause straight teeth is important...haha...

26) shy type?
no...only because im totally the shy type...and i feel that i need to be around outgoing people to bring out my outgoing side...i think if theres 2 shy people things may get awkward...

27) rebel or good boy type?
def a good boy

28) this question was missing...

29) tight or bomb?
what??? im confused

30) singer or dancer?
i heart male dancers!

31) stunner?
am i retarded because im not sure what that means??? haha...

32) hiphop?
if he likes to listen to hiphop or can dance hiphop then thats okay...but if he thinks hes some type of gangsta thats not gonna fly...

33) earrings?
didnt i already say no to piercings???

34) mr count my ex girlfriends until you drop?
no thanks

35) dimples?

it doesnt matter

37)mr love letter?
i am def a helpless romantic at heart so i would def love to receive the occasional love letter!

38) playful?
yes please

39) flirt?
yeah...probably not...

40) poem writer?
eh...either way

41) serious?
its good to be serious sometimes but not always

42) campus crush?
what does this mean??? i want the guy that all the girls have a crush on???...if thats the question i may have to answer YES at the current at least im assuming hes the guy that all the girls want...haha...))

43) painter?
like what kind of painter??? he can paint my house (yes)...or like he can paint a beautiful mural (nah)...

44) religious?
it doesnt matter

45)someone who likes to tease people?
sure why long as its all in good fun...

46) computer games geek? or Internet freak?
i wouldnt want him to be one of those who spends ALL of his time on the computer or playing video games...but i do want him to like to play video games sometimes...

47) speaks 20 languages?

48) loyal or faithful?
YES!!!! im not looking for a seasnake thats for sure

49) good kisser?
sure...but how would i know the difference...haha...

50) loves children?
of course...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


this weekend i watched 2ge+her for the first time in years...i forgot how much i LOVE that movie...there are sooo many funny lines in it...i just can get it really bad that i can quote just about the whole movie? brings back so many when my freshman lunch table had 2gether quote of the day (every wednesday was buttload day!)...or when i played roller coaster tycoon with my cousin and everything in our park had a 2gether related name...haha...good times, good times...for those of you who dont know about the awesomeness that is 2gether, i'll now provide a quick summary:

the movie starts out with this guy bob bus and the band he manages called whoa!...whoa! then fires bob bus...hes upset for a little bit but then discovers jerry o'keefe...bob takes jerry to meet some record lable guy and that guy says no one wants a solo artist, what the world needs now are boy bands...(this movie came out in 2000 right at the hight of the boy band craze) bob says perfect ive got a boy the record lable guy booked them a gig in 7 days...too bad bob didnt have a boy pretty much bob had only 7 days to find 4 more members and train them...and the fun ensues from there...bob already had the heartthrob (jerry) he had to find the shy guy(chad), the older brother figure (doug), the rebel (mickey p),and the cute one (qt) came the training (knuckle down time)...this is def the funniest part in the movie!...let me stop here cause i dont want to give away the whole

i recomend to everyone to watch (or rewatch) this movie a sap...if you dont own it on vhs (thats right vhs...haha...) like i do, you can find some clips on youtube...its definitely good for a laugh or two or in my case a buttload of them...haha! ill leave you with some of my fav quotes!

"a buttload? how much is a buttload?" "a thousand dollars..."
"driving 30, driving 30!"
"that is lockdown"
"oh qt you're the best looking member of 2gether"
"you aint no gangster"
"robins egg blue, thats my color!"
"i was still trying to contribute to the group by making as many lazer noises as humanly possible"
"i like the yellow one"
"these things go on water?"
"pretty much, yeah"
"i love him ALWAYS, i love him like a brother"

and there are tons more!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

can i get a do-over

with the summer quickly coming to an end i look back and i wish i could rewind to the beginning and start over...sure i had tons of fun...
  • i went down the shore almost every weekend...
  • i started hanging out with my girl k dubbs...
  • i got a nice tan...
  • i went bowling...
  • i watched a whole bunch of movies...
  • i swam in the ocean, a real pool and a blow up pool...
  • i made s'mores...
  • i saw backstreet boys in concert...
  • i wished on shooting stars...
  • i slept outside for the first time ever...
  • i did way more than my fair share of laughing...
  • and whole bunch of other fun things...

but all of this is just more of the same for me...the one thing i want more than anything never seems to happen...and im not just talking about new guy...while that would have been a dream come true, any guy would have been good...the sad part is i know its 1000% my fault...i say i want a boyfriend and yet i do absolutely nothing to make it can i be that stupid to think that prince charming is just going to knock on my door...

its all an evil cycle really that i cant seem to get out of...i feel like an idiot due to my lack of experience in the boy department...this translates to zero confidence and fear of rejection...which leads to me not even trying...and then before i know it another year passes by without any i feel even more like an idiot and the cycle starts all over...i gotta get out!...but how???...and dont say oh just get out there and meet new people...yeah its easy for most people to say but for me, not so much...i cant just get out there...i have social anxiety and i have it bad...

ugh...i hate being all "woe is me" but its just so frustrating to want to change my life but not be able to...even if i did get the chance to redo this summer knowing everything i know now, it would probably end up the same exact way...obviously life doesnt provide time travel so it is what it is...

but what if i could change the past and actually do things differently...i def would not have made all the mistakes i mentioned before...maybe just maybe my biggest problem right now would be that my brand new boyfriend just moved to hawaii...haha...oh how i wish...haha!!!

oh well...all i can do now is try to change moving forward from this moment...lets see if i can...fingers crossed...believing i can do it is half the battle, right?