Tuesday, March 29, 2011

how can you pick just 5 fav bsb songs?

its no secret that i love the backstreet boys!...they are clearly my number one all time fav...if you say to me "tell me why!"...ill say you better not be one of those who only knows i want it that way!!!...haha...just kidding (but im really not!...haha!)...seriously i wouldnt be able to tell you why i love them so much...i just do!...i dont have any life changing story...i just think they are amazing...listening to their music and watching videos of them makes me happy...its as simple as that!...whenever im having a bad day or im nervous about something or i dont feel well, all i have to do is listen to their music...bad day turns into a good day...anxiety goes away...and well if im sick, im sick (unfortunately they dont have any magical healing powers) but at least im sick and happy...not sick and miserable...haha!...

so anyway...recently they had the fans vote for the songs that are going to be on the new nkotBSB album (out on may 24...its a must buy!)...i found it extremely difficult to pick my top 5...i even had a hard time picking 21 songs when i made a cd of my faves over the summer...actually i picked more than 21 and had to make cuts...i also cut some that over lapped with little sis' faves (trouble is and bigger)...its so hard to choose because there are so many good songs!...

here's my list...oh and this isnt in any special order...i just put them into a playlist, hit shuffle, and burned the cd

1) straight through my heart - this is us
2) something that i already know - unbreakable
3) all i have to give - backstreet's back
4) show me the meaning of being lonely - millennium
5) the one (LIVE) - millennium (the live version i have is from the never gone tour)
6) not for me - black and blue
7) shattered - this is us
8) crawling back to you - never gone
9) what makes you different - black and blue
10) the call (neptunes remix) - black and blue (but this version is single only)
11) dont want you back - millennium
12) who needs the world - now or never
13) poster girl - never gone
14) thats the way i like it - backstreets back
15) siberia - never gone
16) gone without goodbye - welcome home
17) from this moment - shania twain tv special
18) shining star - black and blue
19) panic - unbreakable
20) set it off - unreleased
21) helpless - this is us

so...what do you think?...what are your favorite songs???

Saturday, March 26, 2011

hi, i'm hanna faintree

monday was the mayor and tjd's 24th birthday...and to celebrate we went to medieval times...thats right you heard me...we went to medieval times!!!...haha!!!...and to start the whole day off little one and blla told everyone that we needed to wear name tags with our new medieval names...mine was hanna faintree...and since i can read so well, the whole day i was calling myself hanna faiRtree...oops!...haha!

so we all had our new names and we were off...we started driving and i knew the general direction of where we had to go but i really wasnt sure on the exact details...since i wasnt prepared we totally missed the exit and ended up in jersey city...but we didnt panic...started singing dynamite super loud...and eventually found the castle!!!...huzzah!!!!

even after getting lost we were still there super early so there was a lot of waiting around...when we were finally let into the arena the real fun started!!!...we were cheering for the green night from the city of leon...we even had our own private both!...the food was great...our knight was awesome (and cute!...hehe)...the competition was exciting!...turns out our knight was the villian...gasp!...but we didnt care...we were going crazy screaming for him anyway!!...since he was the villain, obvi he didnt win...ugh!...but he was the winner in my eyes!...haha!!!

we had soo much fun at medieval times...i highly suggest for everyone to go...it doesnt matter how old you are...just go, appreciate the cheesyness, and have fun!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

tu-tu celebration!!!

as i mentioned previously...last weekend little sis turned 22 and we celebrated by going to the shannon rose...a great mix of people came out and we had a ton of fun!!!...some of the highlights include (but are not limited to):

~seeing the lifers!!! cait, darc, and master marie all came out with their men for the occasion...i love these girls so much and i hate not seeing them everyday...(for cait's take on the event and some pics go visit her blog!)

~creating our own dance floor!...why should we go to the actual dance floor when we can make our own vip area?!...haha!...this worked out perfect because we had space to actually dance and move around...AND no creepsters bothered us!...haha!

~sticking with the dance theme...recapping so many of the dance jokes we've acquired over the years...everything from the darc walk to shake shake!...haha!...

~wave hands in front of face dance...i dont even know where this came from but its a joke with the cousins...and i like it!...haha!

~blla! the night wouldnt have been complete with out this jokester in attendance

~little one's facial expressions while she was people watching

~boy meets world quotes...UNDAPANTSSSS!!!

~little sis' friend drank just a tad too much...i never saw her like that...and i hate to say it but i totally laughed a little when she was having issues getting into her house...haha!

~most important is that the birthday girl had fun!!! and thats all that really matters!!!

i think thats it...if i think of anything else i'll be sure to let you know!!!...so much fun! cant wait to do it again!!! =)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

little sister!

just popping in for a quick hello...and to say:


i had a ton of fun celebrating her birthday last night!!!...ill be back soon to talk about all the crazy on goings...but for now i must go...love ya!!!