Monday, December 31, 2012

New year's eve!!!

How is it the last day of 2012 already?!

This year was an interesting one for def had its ups and know i dont like to focus on the negative so we dont have to worry about the i will be back soon with my top 12 of '12...with no bsb cruise this year whats gonna top my list?!...i dont know...its a tough must stay tuned to find out!!!

I just wanted to check in real fast to wish everyone a very happy new year!!!!...2013 is going to be AMAZING i can feel it...right now im off to backstreet boys concert number 49...its the best way i can think of to ring in the new year!!! =)

one more thing before i leave you to your festivities for the secret santa predictions were soooo wrong...haha!....but the worst part is i had the real order written down and then i changed my mind at the last second!...ugh!...ill get em next year!...haha!

Thats it for me in 2012...ill be back in 2013 with bigger and better (and more) stories about my adventures...have fun tonight everyone!!!! =D

Monday, December 24, 2012

Secret santa predictions

Sorry i have been so mia lately...but its chistmas eve and that means its time for my secret santa predictions...lets see how this turns out...oh and ill be using all cool blog names...haha!!...but i really have no idea this im totally guessing...

Little sis has the mayor

The mayor has little sis

Little one has meg

Meg has blla

I have little one

Tv girl has the princess

Blla has prince charming

Prince charming has tv girl 

The princess has the captain

The captain has me

Ps...meg's cool blog name is to be determined!!...haha!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

black & blue & elevate

Wow...3 days in a on a roll!!...haha!!

Today marks the anniversary of 2 of my favorite albums!!...backstreet boys black & blue AND big time rush elevate were both released on november 21st (of different years of course)...and they are both amazing!!!...a must in your pop music collection! lets look at the albums a little closer shall we...


Artist: backstreet boys

Year: 2000

Singles: shape of my heart, the call, more than that

Some of my faves: not for me, shining star, what makes you different, get another boyfriend


Artist: big time rush

Year: 2011

Singles: music sounds better with u, elevate, windows down

Some of my faves: no idea, love me love me, cover girl, epic

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This is why...

...i dont drink!!

Like i said in the previous post...after my last day of work i went out for drinks with my old coworkers (aww...thats sad that i have to say old now)...they kept buying me drinks...and the drinks were pretty i got pretty buzzed...some would say i was wasted but i wouldnt say it was that bad...haha!!!

While i was on my way home i posted something on facebook about being emotional and im gonna miss everyone at my old company and that kind of stuff...i was expecting to get some likes from work people...what i was not expecting was a like from CONCERT GUY...i havent seen him in 2 years and this guy is liking stuff on my facebook...whats going on?!...

So in my altered state i decided that it would be a good idea to send him a facebook message...i said something along the lines of hey, i used to have a crush on you...i rambled on for a while after that...not sure what i said...i cant bring myself to look at it...that was NOT a good idea...seriously, what is wrong with me?!...who does that?! embarrassing...but i thought eh, it will be okay...i wont see him ever again...nbd...

Then yesterday morning i got off the path and was walking to my new office and here he was walking towards me waving...oh my god...where was a shovel?...I needed to dig my grave...i was dying...sooo embarrassed!!!!...i couldnt believe it...i havent seen this guy in 2 years and the week after i decided it would be a good idea to tell him was crushin hard there he was right in front of me...are you kidding?!...when i saw him my heart def started racing and im sure my face was bright red...haha!...all i managed to get out was an excited heeeyy!!!!...and then i kept walking...i realized after that i probably should have stopped but i just couldnt...i had to get out of there before a complete panic attack set in!...haha!

i ended up sending him a text when i got to work...i didnt want to seem rude...or like i was running away...haha!...sure i totally was running away but he doesnt have to know that!...i think i sounded breezy...i dont know...what do you think?!...haha!!

So yeah...see...this is what happens and people wonder why i keep my alcohol intake to a minimum...the oversharing that happens is out of controll...i mean that night i also tweeted that i had to go peepees on the potty...what?!...again i ask who does that?!...haha!! i think its safe to say that i have reached my quota for the year...i cant let these things happen again...haha!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Big changes

Hey loyal blog readers...sorry ive been missing for a  little bit...but big things have been happening in my life...and im finally ready to share them with you...

Back in july i celebrated 5 years with my company...things were getting stressful there because we were understaffed...but i was happy to have a job...the day after my anniversary i was called into the big boss' office and was told due to location strategy my position is being terminated...i tried really hard to keep my composure but im not gonna lie, i cried...i cried a lot...i was completely could i be losing my job?!...on the plus side my manager said i am going to get 90 days notice and the 90 days wouldnt start until august...

August 90 days started...and they were going by really fast...i was given a you gotta get out by date of november 14...i was having a tough time wrapping my head around the fact that i had to was hard because i had to go to work everyday and train the people who were taking my job from order to do this i had to pretend that everything was okay...but it wasnt okay...i was only hurting myself...

I was given head hunter contacts that i didnt use...i went to an internal mobility career fair and barely spoke to anyone...i didnt do much searching for a new position internally or was bad...i eventually started to panic a little bit...i was running out of time and i didnt want to be unemployed...i needed a new job but i didnt know what to do...

I needed inspiration...i decided to go to the choose 180 website...i read all about it and their mission...its all about choosing what you want in life and going after it and having a positive outlook...i kinda felt empowered and decided to buy a necklace and a tshirt...the necklace says "choose your new found direction whatever it may be"...

Turns out that was just the mental push that i needed...the very next day i applied for a position at a different company and got a call from their hr department about an hour later!!...i ended up going on an interveiw a week later...and not too long after that they offered me the job!!!...yay!!!

So i was all set...i could stop panicking...i had a new job and everything would be okay...but that doesnt really change the fact that i hate change...i was still sad that i had to say goodbye to all the friends i made over the last 5 years...i was dreading my last day...

November 9th...that was more brooklyn for me...i was crying all was so direct manager was in delaware so he called to say goodbye...i couldnt even say anything because i was fighting back tears...he told me that i will always hold a special place in his heart...yeah, i lost it...oh boy im getting a little teary eyed now just thinking about it...

After work that day everyone went out for going away was a joint party for me and cool girl...shes moving to chicago...yeah...that was not a good night for me...i drank way more than i should have (more on that in a future entry!) and pretty much cried all night...well not all night...but anytime someone left the water works started again...and then the whole way home i just so lame!...but i really do miss everyone there....

So now im at my new job...and theres def an adjustment period...ive been there a week and i still dont have any access to anything and i still eat lunch by myself...i am so bad at making friends...i hope it gets better...i think it just takes time i guess...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

BSB Takes New York (part two)

Im back with the conclusion of my new york adventure...we left off right after we took our picture...lets just revisit how cute i look next to my main squeeze howito!...haha! that we got that out of the way lets move on with the story...after the picture our whole group went to eat some dinner...we were all pretty hungry and had a lot of time to kill...we ended up at a diner...i had nutella french was delish!...we stayed at the diner for a while just chit chatting away...we were all pretty hyped about everything that just happened...also laura met us there...she missed the event so we had to fill her in on everything...

We eventually left the diner and went our separate ways...some girls had a hotel for the night but there were 6 of us who our all night adventure began..i originally planned on going to the movies around midnight to kill a few hours but we were talking so much that we missed the last movie...we found a starbucks in times square to hang out in for a little bit...that closed at what?!...two of the girls decided to get a cab to central park...the rest of us walked was actually a really nice walk...we went up 5th ave...i guess it took us about a half hour to get there...

There was quite a few people in front of us...but we took our place in line and the waiting began...we were all still talking for a while but we were fading fast so it got pretty quiet...but around 3am i started getting delusional and did the electric slide to a backstreet boys song...i think it was if you want it to be good girl but im not 100% sure...yep, thats right i was electric the middle of central the middle of the night...good times!...haha!

I guess around 430 or 5 (i really have no idea because at this point all sense of time was out the window...haha!) the line started didnt start moving because we were being let was moving because they were moving up where the line was starting so they could fit more people in...the problem with this was a lot of the fans acted like animals and not like people...when the line was moving a lot of people from the back started running...they cut off everyone in the front who have been camped out there all was really annoying...and so was really easy to tell the difference between the people who just got there and the campers...the new people looked nice and refreshed...the campers looked like zombies...haha!...

After all that commotion they did start letting people in...we got our wrist bands and headed for the stage...there were 2 for people who had vip the night before and one for people who won vip through the contest...laura happened to be one of those winners!...she got to bring a guest and picked me!!!...woohoo!!!...thanks again laura!..i def need to return the favor one day!...

Thanks to laura and her award winning writing skills, we ended up in the FRONT ROW!!!!...ahhhh!!!!...if we stayed in the middle we probably would have been 4 rows back or so...but once again no one was to the we went there and were front row!!!...of course there was more waiting...but after a little bit our choice to go to the side proved to be a good one because we could see the backstage area and saw when the boys arrived!...

What happened next was super unexpected...brian and aj came out with giant bags of bagels!...the backstreet boys bought the fans breakfast! amazing is that?! know whats even more amazing?...i got one!!...yep, aj mclean personally gave me a chocolate chip bagel...and let me tell you it was the best bagel i have ever eaten in my life!!! delicious!!!...the people who worked at gma said that they were the first artist to ever do that for the fans...see, they do care!!! =)

After a little more waiting the boys took the stage...ahhh!!!...they sang the same 4 songs as they did the night before...which totally mak sense because it was the rehearsal after all...haha!!!...this time it was the soundcheck for the show...of course they sounded great!...during one of the songs aj and nick ran off the stage...aj stopped right in front of us...i didnt even realize what was going second he was on stage the next he was in front of my face...i liked it!!!...haha!!!...

Guess what happened next...thats right...more waiting...haha!...but this time it wasnt too bad...soon they came back out for a quick of the questions was kevin, why did you come back? shocked they asked that!...haha!!

Next they sang their songs for real for real live on tv...they did such a good job...i had a blast singing an dancing along with those boys...they really were amazing...the gma people said it was the biggest crowd of the summer...i was so proud of them!!!...they never disappoint me!!!

After the show was over i got a ton of tweets and texts and stuff saying they saw me on tv!...woohoo!!...i always knew id be a tv star!!...haha!!!

While i was taking in all the praises from my adoring fans...haha...i was also trying to find my way out of the wasnt easy...but we eventually made it...we found the c train and hopped on it heading downtown...all my friends got off at 34th street but i continued on into!

When i got off at my work stop i had to go to a few stores first before venturing into my office...first i went to buy a new outfit...then i went to duane reade to buy a tooth brush, tooth paste, and some baby wipes...i figured since i couldnt take a shower at least i could wipe myself down with something...and finally i went to dunkin to get coffee...i was dying...i dont think i ever felt so terrible (or disgusting!) in my life...ugh!...haha!...but i was a trooper and i made it into work by 1030...and the first thing i did was add my new laminate to my collection...haha!!

The rest of the day was pretty brutal but it ended with laura staying at my house for the night...and its always great catching up and chit chatting with her...

Overall i had such an amazing time these two days...its a little sad that it was my bsb event for a while...the next one i have scheduled is cruise 2013 and thats still over a year a way...i need more backstreet boys in my life!!!...haha!!! =)

Ps - sorry for being mean about the questions in my last post...i was writing it when i was stuck on the train for 4 hours so my mood was decreasing rapidly...i read it later and realized i was too sorry again for that!

pps - all the pictures of the boys were taken by little sis...she was standing in a totally different spot than i was so thats why the angle is different and they are further away than if they were taken from front row...haha!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

BSB Takes New York (part 1)

Continuing on with my boyband theme...just two short weeks after the big bonanza, i attended a backstreet boys only event in nyc!!...

the boys were scheduled to appear on good morning america on friday august they decided to invite the fans to their rehearsal the night before...for a fee of course...but when it comes to bsb all sense of budget and responsibility goes out the window and i happily shell out what ever they ask me that bad?!...if so, oh well!...haha!

My plan all along was to go to the event thursday out at central park...go to gma in the out sick from work...go home and sleep all day...i was so set in my plan that i only brought a tshirt and sweat pants to change into...the problem with my plan was i couldnt control the media...thursday morning about 2 minutes after i walked in my manager came up to me and said youre not gonna be sick tomorrow? Right?....ahhhh! BUSTED!!!...i couldnt even look at him...haha!...i said "ummmm" he said "i mean, you could have a doctors appointment in the morning and come in late" i said "yeeeaahh, i definitely have one of those!"...later in the day i went to him and said "about tomorrow, im planning on staying in central park tonight and i have no clothes for tomorrow"...he then said "you can just wear what you have on"...of course i replied with "absolutely not!"...haha!...after some more kicking and screaming i agreed to come in...ugh!

I ended up leaving work a little early so i could get to the event on say we ended up in the middle of the line...we check in and go our cool laminates...and in true backstreet fashion it was a hurry up and wait kinda deal...the line finally started moving and we eventually got up to where josh was playing traffic director and letting fans cross the street a little bit at a time...2 comments about this...1) it reminded me of the scene in 101 dalmatians wen they are crossing the street to get into the truck...and 2) has any else noticed how good josh has been looking lately?!...haha!...

I was super duper excited to just get into the building and get the show on the road...eek!...when we got in there is was just a giant stage...half the room had carpet put down and thats where we were sitting...yep, we were sitting on the floor...but thats okay because everyone was able to see this i said, there was no stage...

After a little more waiting the boys finally came out to the floor!!...all 5 of them!!! was kinda magical...i think they said a few things...i really cant remember...then they got right to pretty sure they sang incomplete first...they sounded AMAZING! started quiet with just the piano and grew bigger and bigger as the song went on...i love that bsb constantly changes up their songs a little keeps things fresh!...anyway, kev didnt like the way it went so they sang the song again!!!

I cant remember the order of the rest of the songs but they also sang larger than life, backstreets back (i dont know about you but i consider this their anthem), and of course i want it that way...we all know that i want it that way isnt my fav but watching it at this event was special...kev was so emotional when his part came up that he couldnt sing it at was so touching!...i think most fans were tearing up right along with him...they ended up singing iwitw 2.5 times...each time was better than the last...

After singing they sat on some stools and took some questions...i apologize if im offending anyone who asked a question but the questions were weak!...a lot of questions wasted..."brian, can i have a hug?"...good for you but what about the rest of us? How about asking an actual question..."kev, what made you decide to come back?"...great question cause no one else is going to ask that, def not tomorrow at his first performance back, im so glad you asked him!...*eye roll*..."nick, boxers or briefs?"...really?!..."aj, how many tattoos do you have?" this point who cares, its a lot thats all you have to know, he didnt even know the exact number...and sorry little one but this next bad question came from you..."brian, which song do you wish never made an album?"...if you didnt already know that he would say if you want it to be good girl or masquerade then you really have no business being at an event like this one..sorry it might sound harsh but thats how i feel!...

Okay moving on...picture time was next!!!...yay!!!!...we waited on line with our group of 10 and we all knew who we were standing next to...we were much more organized this time compared to the bsbbq pic...haha!...we got up to the front of the line where we were once again greeted by josh...and once again i must say lookin good josh!...haha!...anyway he gave up a run down of the rules..."sorry but due to time restraints hugs are not allowed tonight, only hand shakes, high fives, and the newly introduced fist bump!"...i still cant get over the newly introduced fist bump...that josh is a funny one!...haha!!!...from where we were standing we couldnt see the boys so we asked josh if he could tell us the order...he looked at us like we were crazy...but it was important that we stand in the correct order so we could get in and out with out anyone getting lost and everyone standing next to the right guy...once he realized what we were doing he seemed excited (and thankful) that we were taking the time to be organized....haha!

We finally got in there and got to say hello to all the boys...aj was first then nick...little sis got a nick wink...when i got to howie i almost told him that i cried a little at mixtape when i realized it was the last time he'd be singing kevs parts...but i stopped myself because kev was standing right there and i didnt want to make him feel bad...i got to stand next to howie in the picture!...its one of the perks of being a howie rarely have to fight over him...its usually more like "okay, ill take one for the team"...haha!...anyway...we snapped the picture, which came out super cute...then on the way out i said hello to kevin then brian...the whole thing went by way to fast but thats okay...ill take 30 seconds over zero seconds any day!

Alright...i think ill wrap it up here and call this part 1...its getting kinda long and there is still so much left to share!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boyband Bonanza (day three)

The third day of our adventure featured my personal top 2 boybands...some backstreet fun in the morning followed by a little big time rush excitement at night...does life get any better?...i dont think so!!...lets get to the details!!

We woke up nice and early...(side note: why do people say nice and early? There is nothing nice about getting up early!...haha!)...once again had a delicious free breakfast...put on our day 3a costumes (team backstreet tshirt)...packed up...loaded into the boyband bonanza mobile...and we were off to the first ever bsb vs nkotb softball game...

When we got there side a vip could go right in but side b had to get in my girl @longasyouluvme2 went in a little before us...when i got in there i looked around for all my girls with team backstreet shirts on...i found them and headed towards where they were sitting...when i got there i asked where @longasyouluvme2 went...they said she was IN THE DUGOUT!!!!...thats right...she got picked to play softball with the boys!!!....WHAAAT?!?...she ended up being on team new kids but who cares...she still got to hang out with everyone on both teams!!...i was so happy for her...she is def a deserving yay!!!!

The softball game was soo much fun...we made signs that had backstreet on letter per sign to be exact...the mascot even came over to us to hold up one of them...we were all cheering hard for our boys but no amount of cheering could have helped...lets just say that team backstreet wasnt as bad as i feared but we still lost 4 to 9....*sigh*...oh was still sooo much fun...i think my fav moment was when one of the new kids caught howie's pop fly (is that a thing? Im not really up on my baseball terminology)...all the new kids got in a huddle jumping up and down celebrating and then little howito ran out there to join in the celebrations!...haha!!!...oh howie!

after the game we grabbed some lunch and said goodbye to the girls who wouldnt be joining us on our last leg and then headed towards dc...of course there was another rain storm as we were driving...but its okay...we made a pit stop at laura's parents house...changed into our day 3b costumes (cougar rusher tshirts)...and then we were off to our final boyband bonanza event!!!

We made it to the big time rush concert #WooHooDC safe and sound...when we got there the rain cleared up so we thought we would be okay for the night...our "seats" were on the lawn so we werent covered...we found a pretty good spot in the center not to far up...i was happy with our choice...while we were waiting for the show to start we took some crazy pictures...and lots of people complimented our awesome shirts! mom came up to us lovin the shirts and told me she was talking to her girlfriend about us and said "i dont think they're here with kids!"...nope! No kids!...she thought it was great!..and then there was a group of teenagers who wanted a pic with us...haha! great is that?!?

This date happened to be rachel crow's last show of the tour...she was so so good and so much fun!...i cant believe shes so young...anyway...for one of her songs kendall came out and sang with her!!!!...and for another song kendall logan and carlos came out and danced with her...loved it!!! was pretty special to be there for that!!!

Next up was cody thoughts on cody simpson...his songs are catchy and hes a great dancer...but hes ONLY 15!!!!....hes up there dancing like hes 25...i cant watch him without feeling like a dirty old lady...its just wrong...during those parts i had to watch the dancers...those boys were def over 18 (i hope!)...haha!!

Finally it was time for boyband number 5 big time rush to take the stage and close out boyband bonanza weekend!!!....let me tell ya...even from far away those boys never dissapoint!!!...they are ALWAYS sooo much fun on the talented!!!

Remember how i said earlier that the rain cleared up and we thought we'd be okay???...yeah, well we thought wrong...about halfway through the skies opened up and it proceeded to downpour the rest of the night...saying i was soaked was an understatement...but it didnt really matter cause nothing even matters when youre at a big time rush concert!!...haha!!!

Also in the middle of the show a bunch of venue security guards started to surround us...not really sure why...for a hot second i tought omg they're coming to get me for worldwide girl!...haha!...but then i said dont be stupid!..haha! next best guess is some parent thought we were wasted and called the security...but none of us were drinking....we were just delusional from being up for almost 3 days straight...i could have had a coffee iv hooked up to my arm and i dont think it would have helped...haha!!!

So yeah...besides that little incident and the rain i couldnt have asked for a better night!!!...actually i like that those things happened...they add to the story...made everything more exciting!!!...haha!!!

At around 10pm big time rush came back on stage for their encore song big time rush...that was it...the very last song of boyband bonanza...because of the rain there wasnt very many people left on the lawn so i went up all the way to the front of the lawn section...a little bit closer for the last hurrah of the weekend...i danced...i sang...i jumped around like a maniac...basically i had a ball...the very last line of the song before the boys dissapeared was "its the only life youve got so you gotta live it big time"..and thats exactly what we did the whole weekend!

And with that i conclude my boyband bonanza weekend recap...i had an absolute ball...and i would do it all over again!!!...i still cant believe i saw backstreet boys and big time rush on the same day!...the only thing better would be seeing them at the same concert...BSBTR!!!...its gonna happen!...haha!!!
sorry for the lack of pics at the btr concert...everyone put their cameras away when it started to rain...and we were really far anyway...this pic was taken after we got back to laura's place

Just in case you missed them, dont forget to check out my day 1 and 2 recaps!!!

ps...the spell check isnt sorry for all mistakes!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boyband bonanza (day two)

Im back with a recap of all of day two's festivities...a lot happened on this beautiful saturday...i hope i remember to mention everything!!!

We woke up...ate some delicious free breakfast at the hotel...then once again packed into the boyband bonanza mobile headed over to hershey park soon as we got there we got in line for the first event on the day...BSBBQ!!!

There was a scheduling conflict with the bsbbq and the new kids meet and greet...we were supposed to be fast passed to the front of the m&g line so we wouldnt miss any of the bbq...we were all lined up and ready to go when they decided that only side a vip could go first...side b would have to come back later...being the rule follower that i am i immediately got out of line...some of my friends needed more convincing but eventually we all complied with the new rule...

We all headed back to the bbq...changed into our awesome bbq tshirts (bsbbq '12....all i have to grill) some food...and relaxed for a little bit before the backstreet boys made their appearance...i personally used this time to squeeze some tanning in!...

When the boys showed up it was great...they kept the event small so there werent a ton of people there and the boys were able to roam around was great to see them without their body guards attached to their hips (thats right, im lookin at you josh!...haha!)...they were all serving food for a little bit then aj nick and howie dispersed into the crowd and mingled with the fans...and brian went to his wylee station to pass out merchandise to the people with this point i was more of an observer...people were crowding around the boys and we all know how i hate crowds so i kinda hung back (and continued to get my tan on!)...

Mingling time came to an end and game time started...each of the 4 boys randomly picked 3 girls to play a lawn game with them...and yes it really was random...we were each given a raffle ticket at the beginning and thats how they picked...the girl standing right behind me in line was picked...i was sooo close!...anyway...the games were fun...i noticed that there were only a few fans by brians game so i went over there and planted myself in the front row to watch brian and some fans play cornhole...brian is always entertaining!

After the games it was picture time...we ended up being the second group...we were not prepared for the photo at still came out super cute...just a tad disorganized....oh well...the best part of the whole thing is I FINALLY GOT HUGS FROM THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!....eeeeeekkkkk!!!...oh and i totally kissed nick carter on the cheek AND HE DID THE SAME TO ME!!!!...nbd...but really, double eeeeekkk!!!!...that was definitely a "did this really happen?" moment!!

When the bbq was done all the side b vips were able to cut the new kids meet and greet line...we had our group of 10 all ready to go thanks to my girl laura's hard work...turns out some group in the front did not have 10 so they ruined it for everyone...all of our hard work went out the window and we had to split up...when it was our turn we could see that the new kids were exhausted and looked miz...but they all still gave every single person a hug and were extremely nice...i ended up standing next to joey...i said "look at you with your sparkly eyes!" he said "are they really sparkly?"...i said "yeah!"...then he proceeded to look me directly in the eyes for what felt like forever but it was probably about 3 seconds...but still amazing!!!

After all the fun vip stuff in the morning it was time for the concerts to get started...there were sooo many different sets...i think the dan band was up first...i had no idea who they were before mixtape...this guy was hysterical!! pretty sure he only did covers but they were all so funny...he even covered shakira!!!

The ready set was next over at the other stage...i have heard of them before and i knew some of their songs...but i cant think of any of them now...oops!...haha!!!

Back on the main stage was the wanted!!!!....LOVE THEM!!!...they arent your typical boy band because they dont dance but those boys just ooze stage presence so it doesnt matter that they werent dancing...their songs are great and they are all really good looking in person...yes they are all younger than i am but clearly my obsession with btr shows you that i dont care about that...haha!!!...

During the wanted's set little one and little sis came over to me and said that howie was on the side i casually strolled over there and GOT A PICTURE WITH HIM!!!...ahhhhh!!!...i got a picture with my main squeeze howito!!!...yay!!!!! =D

Next up was carly rae jepson!!...she was too cute...little sis and i are obsessed with call me every time the song came on his weekend someone filmed us singing and dancing to it...we plan on editing them together for one awesome video...but we arent really sure how to do it...anyway, i think my fav one is the one we took when she was singing it live..its amazing...maybe ill post it...we'll see...haha!

Next was ll cool j...i didnt really watch his set...we used this time to take a break and eat some dinner...we went back to the vip tent and it was we were able to get in the photo booth a few times and take some great pics!!!...we also had the chance to sit down for a little was a well needed time out for us...

We eventually made our way back over to stage b where 98 degrees would be!...those boys still got it...they sound great...the look so happy i got to see this performance...they were really good...and they sang "true to your heart" which is my fav song of theirs...AND they did a michael jackson medley!!...loved it!!!...they really are a talented bunch!...i cant wait for drew to beat joey fatone on dancing with the stars this season!!...haha!!!...

I must admit that i left the 98* set a few songs early...i had to get back over to the main stage for NKOTBSB...they were the reason i was there after all...duh!..haha!!!

It was the very last nkotbsb show ever so it was really special to be able to see that..a few unique things that happened were...aj wore leopard print leggings during get down...joey came out with a telephone during one of the backstreet songs...brian and aj came out at the end of please dont go girl and sang it with joey...when the new kids asked for some walking music "glad you came" started playing and THE WANTED CAME OUT ON STAGE AND SANG THEIR SONG WITH THE NEW KIDS!!!...ahhhh!!!...after iwitw they would normally do intros of each other instead 98* STROLLED OUT ONTO THE STAGE!!! singing involved but who cares...3 amazing boybands on the stage at the same time...thats crazy talk!!! was so cool...aj said boybands will never die!!!...and i must agree with him!!! last thing, at the very end the new kids came out in bsb tshirts and bsb were wearing nk was great...and then it was!!

Okay so its confession you may or may not know kevin is returning to the backstreet not only was this the last performance as nkotbsb, it was also the last performance as 4 backstreet boys...while kev was on hiatus howie took over his parts in iwitw and a howie girl i loved this...when i realized it was the last time howie would get to sing those parts i may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed...and by teary eyed i mean there were real tears rolling down my cheeks....not a lot but yes crying happened...i was surprised at how emotional i got over this...but i did...its only the 3rd time these boys made me cry...okay confession over...haha!

When the concert was over we went to the after party again...tonight's was a little better than the night before but still nothing spectacular...after about an hour or so we decided it was time to head back to the hotel and get some sleep before day 3!

In case you missed it please check out my day 1 recap here!!

Day 3 preview: boyband softball, big time rush concert