Sunday, May 24, 2009

<3 HAWAII <3

hey there in HAWAI!!!

you maybe wondering what im doing waisting my time writting in my blog when i can be out enjoying my vacation...well theres a little thing i like to call a 6 hour time while its 1030 back in jersey its only 430 here...little sis and i have been up for about an hour already...since the princess (my other sister) is still sleeping we cant really make to much here i am blogging...haha...

we are staying at the hilton hawaiian village...let me tell you it is called village for a reason...this place is huge!...and it super nice...i cant wait for the sun to come up so we can go swimming and learn how to make leis and take hula excited!...

ill report back again sometime after i get back home on friday...have an excellent week and happy memorial day! (do you believe its summer already?!?)

Friday, May 22, 2009

sytycd season 5!

last night was the premire of sytycd season excited are you?!? super excited for the new season...the sooner we can put the mess we called season 4 behind us the better...

we're only in the audition round so nothing too exciting yet...there were a few good auditions and a few bad ones...we got to see natalie and brandon (or is it brendon idk) sure they will both be in the top 20 this year...

thats it for now...ill report again when all the auditions are over...thats when it gets exciting!...i cant wait!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Survivor Finale Tonight!!!

Survivor Tocacians Season Finale is tonight...who will win???

Erinn~> the wild card
Taj ~> the millionaire
Stephen ~> the "wizard"
JT ~> the favorite

my pick is JT...and unless the other 3 are smart enough to vote him out at the next tribal i def think he is going to win

we will shall know in about 2 hours...i can't wait!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

today is my birthday!!!

yay!!!...get excited...i sure am!!! = )

i guess i'll be a follower and write 24 truths today in honor of my 24th 24 i cant believe it...anyway on to my thuths!

1) purple has been my favorite color my whole life but in recent years lime green has been comming in at a close 2nd

2) being single my whole life has been awful...i hope one day ill find the man of my dreams and ill be able to say he was worth the wait...but for right now its awful...

3) the first concert i ever went to was on august 8, 1997...of course it was backstreet boys!!!...including that one i have seen my boys 27 times live in concert...they are def my atf (all time fav...thanks len for the phrase...haha)

4) i have the neatest, most organized desk in my group at work...when i tell my mom this she doesnt beleive me...maybe because my room looks like a bomb went off...haha..

5) i hate relying on public transportation...last night i was on my normal train which should get into rahway at 650...i didnt get into the car until 830...grrrr

6)most people hate economics classes...not me...they were my fav...i had a 4.0 in the subject...omg what a

7) i still live at home and am well aware that i would never be able to live on my own because i am completly dependent on my parents for all things domestic

8) i watch a ton of tv... and thanks to my tivo i watch even more

9) i have a super cute 2 year old nephew...his name is hunter...i prefer to call him squishalicious...or squish for short...

10) i'm not afraid to admit it...i heart the disney channel!!! <3

11) eleven is my favorite number

12) i cant stand fake are who you are...who cares? i dont understand why some people find the need to pretend to be someone they're not...

13) i commute to brooklyn everyday

14) im already planning my 25th birthday bash...its gonna be in disney world! start saving your pennies and i will see you there!!!

15) i have been called an oompa loompa before...i did not appreciate that...i prefer the term little tea pot...its much nicer dont you think

16) the annoying lady talking super loud on the phone behind me just scared me because she said we just passed rahway...i freaked out then looked out the window and discovered that shes an idiot because we are only at elizabeth...ugh so stupid...

17) i am super close to my family...they are the best!

18) i drive a 2002 hyundai santa fe in merlot

19) i like doing crossword puzzels even though i am terrible at them

20) i'd rather drive 20 minutes to go to a nice movie theater than drive 5 minutes to a crapy movie theater

21) i dont like wearing shoes...i would be happy being bare foot all the time

22) im obsessed with collecting tv shows on dvd

23) since i started working i chew a lot more gum than i used to

24) i LOVE to is my biggest passion in life...and i miss it more than i can put into words...lmdance 4ever!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

5 people i want to punch in the face

the other day i was wondering around facebook and i noticed a whole bunch of people had top 5 celebs they want to punch in the face and i said "i wanna play!" i clicked on the link and then quickly realized there is only 1 celeb i want to punch in the face...justin timberlake of course...ugh....hes just so i only had one person on my list i decided not to put anything up and exited out of that application...all this talk about punching people in the face and i found myself wanting to punch a whole bunch of real life people in the face...there are tons of punch worthy people at work...sticking with the whole code name thing here's a list of my top 5...

1) PRECIOUS THE 2ND (presh2 for short)...sorry but if we are at building 1 and you can figure out where building 3 is then you deserve a punch in the face...and if you talk bad about jersey you deserve a punch in the face...the list goes on for this guy...

2) THE FAT HATTER...the very first week i was there this guy said to his cube neighbor "you shouldn't be friends with fat people"...thats nice judge people before you know them...what are you 5?...also its not really apropriate to call a cfo of a company sweetie...this guy is a major creepster...good thing hes not friends with fat people...oh and i have news for you that stupid bag you carry around looks like a 5 year old made it do you really think someone will want to buy it from you??? yeah i dont think so...

3) THE KNOW IT ALL...she has something to say about everything and shes always right...even if shes wrong shes right...and if she doesnt get an answer she likes she will fight with that person until she does...and to top it off she is really really really loud...

4) FRENZY...she is just out of her mind...she is all over the place and never seems to know whats going she is the manager of her group is beyond me...

5) THE CREATURE...yeah he doesnt work there anymore but still deserves a spot on the list..."er er er"..."max out your 401k deeeev"...."there are different degrees of friendship"..."late night phone call from, you know, a friend"..."you're my problem"..."i saved 32 cents this week"...the annoying quotes go on and on...but nothing is as bad as the stench...

this list is in no particular order...cause i really want to punch them all and i depends on the day as to which one i want to punch most...haha!