Monday, April 30, 2012

so much excitement!!!

there is so much excitement going on in the backstreet world right now!

first was the announcement of mixtape festival...a 2 day pop music festival at hershey park in august...its going to be the only north american appearance of friends and i were planning on getting plain old general admission tickets...but the day of the fan club pre sale we found out about all these great things that would be included with VIP tickets...soo about 5 minutes before the tickets went on sale we decided to go for i will be going to mixtape vip side b style!!!...i cant wait!!!

on april 20 backstreet boys turned 19!!!....the love for them on twitter and in the fan community is so overwhelming on their makes me feel so proud to be a fan!!!...they are just amazing!!!

yesterday there was a live broadcast of the their concert in was the BEST $4.99 i ever spent!!! the time during the concert when they would normally introduce each other, they made a few other important announcements...1) they will be recording more songs for their new album in july....2) KEVIN IS BACK!!!!....and 3) aj and his beautiful wife rochelle are expecting their first child!!!!....all this news in a span of about 2 minutes was a lot to handle...i didnt know if i should scream or cry or jump up and down or what but it was super exciting!!!...

of course all this info gets the wheels turning...we started thinking maybe bsb doesnt have their own set at mixtape yet because they were waiting to make this announcement....maybe it will be their first concert back at 5 members...hmmm....oh the possibilities!!!

so now i am nore excited than ever to get on a plane tomorrow and head over to geneva switzerland...yep thats going to geneva to see nkotbsb!!!!...there are sooo many more questions that all of these announcements have opened up...and i will ask them all...most importantly should i add kevin's name to my boy band bonanza tshirt?!?....haha!!!!

well thats all i have for leaving for geneva tomorrow and ill be back on this might be the last time you here from me for about a week...until then, happy blogging!!!

birthday countdown: 6 days!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I heart howie d

I told you my first official post of my i heart series would be by number 1 fave of all time...of course my main squeeze is the one and only howard dwaine dorough...better known as howie d from the backstreet boys!!!!

Howie has been my fav backstreet boy since i started liking the group back in '98...i mean have you seen the quit playing games video?!..omg the abs!...haha!!!...lets all watch together shall we...

this video is from Backstreet Boys VEVO

Okay so the awesome abs may have been what drew me in...but the arent what made me stay...theres so many great things about howie...they dont call him sweet d for nothin!...let list just some of his awesomeness!!!

out of all the backstreet boys hes the best with the fans
in concert he usually changes the words of iwitw to include the city they are in
he has conversations with the girls he brings on stage to sing to
he looks better now than ever
he tells cheesy jokes that i find super funny
hes smart
he has a great charity for lupus
there are tons of other things that make him amazing
the most important is he has a voice of an angel...his solo album is so so so prove it heres a video of him singing lie to me on the cruise...enjoy!

this video is from Anne Marie!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

no idea

well...i do have an idea...but i didnt know what to title this post and im really loving the big time rush song "no idea" right i thought hey, why not?!

this post is going to be for administrative purposes...i just want to catch you guys up on a few key things going on in my life and what you can expect from upcoming we go!

~first order of business is to say that im sorry that my posts have been way less frequent this year...i promise to increase my output moving forward...i have been sooo busy at work...ive even been working most ive been leaving work super late and the last thing i wanted to do is think...i didnt want to do anything that required any effort...unfortunately my poor blog takes some effort to write and proof read and add pictures when it took the biggest hit...but now i see the light at the end of the seems like things are calming down at work so you should be seeing more of me!...yay!!!

~my obsession with big time rush is getting out of control...its a slippery slope and im happily sliding down it with both hands in the air yelling weeeeee!!!....haha!!!...i cant stop thinking about them or listening to their music...of course they will never be able to take the top spot away from my backstreet boys but right now they are holding strong at number 2...i would even venture to say that ive never liked anyone in my #2 spot as much as i like btr...does that make sense?!...haha!

~speaking of btr i have so updated vip my vip comparison post i said that bsb has a question and answer session and btr doeas not...well i was looking through the forum on their fan club yesterday and i discovered that btr added a q&a to their soundcheck...this is interesting because i think it may be because of, not my blog entry!...i say this because after the btr concert little sis and i ran into justin (the guy that runs bsb vip)...he asked us what we thought of the btr i said it was great but i wish they had a q& i wonder if he went back to whoever was running the btr vip and shared my opinion...hmmm...if thats how they added the question i just want to say your welcome!...haha!

~i've been doing my nails a lot all started after the princess' wedding...i got the gel nail polish so it would last the whole was great...i loved it at the time...but when it came time to get the polish off you are supposed to go get it removed...i couldnt be bothered doing that...sooo my nails were destroyed...they were cracked all over the to cover up the ugly i started painting them myself...and since im the fun loving person that i am i couldnt just paint them regular...i got increasingly more creative...this past week i i learned how to do marble nail...i thought they came out pretty good...what do you think?!?
Left Hand

Right Hand
~ my next post will def be part of my "i heart..." not really crushin on anyone in real life right now so i figured i would share with you all of my celeb crushes!...starting with my number one all time should know who it is but if you dont youll just have to wait and see...for this series ill probably start off talking about individuals but ill probably expand to include all kinds of things i love...soo look for this soon!!!

~ 2012 is the year of concerts for girl anne marie (who ive been going to most of my concerts with) pointed out that we've been to at least one every month so far this we decided that we will continue that trend for the whole year...we are set up until september!...except for july...we cant find a july if any one knows of any good shows in july please let us know!!!...thanks....

~and finally...this will be the last post i write on my ally...thats right, its time for a new phone not really sad to see this one go like i was when i upgraded from my trusty voyager...its not that this phone is bad cause its not...weve had some good times...but its just time for an upgrade...and plus i heard that verizon is gonna start charging for an! i gotta get one last free upgrade in before they charge me...

well guys...thats that...youll be hearing from me soon! love ya! <3