Saturday, May 29, 2010

sittin in my spot

greetings from the jersey shore!!! its memorial day weekend and the summer has officially begun!...yay!!!...i think my slogan for this summer is gonna be "summer of ten, bring on the men!"...haha!

well anyway im reporting to you live from my favorite spot down here...if you know me and you know the compound then you totally know where my spot the corner of the deck looking out at the it!...but only at night...during the day its just an ordinary spot but at night its magical!...on clear nights i like to look at the stars...i see a lot of shooting stars and always make a wish...i would tell you what my wishes are but then they wont come true so mum is the word!...haha!...i also like to look out into the bay...and listen to the water...its very peaceful out here!...

i do some of my best thinking out here in my spot...i think about all kinds of things out not gonna lie most of it is about boys...haha...i imagine all kinds of things...this is the best spot to escape reality for a little bit and live in a fantasy world...(and ps i always have a bofo in my fantasy world...haha!)...

well i must go now because other people are invading my i guess i will be social and talk to them!...until next time happy blogging!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

email group!

when i first started working almost 3 years ago (wow has it been that long already?!?) i was in email group with the fam...not everyone in the fam...just a select few...haha! was a good way to keep in touch with everyone...and hear all the side commentary we all had on just about group was pretty awesome...until one day i got in trouble at work for sending too many personal emails...apparently when you send 1 email to 10 people it counts as 10 emails...ugh...that was not a good day for me...sadly i had to quit email group right away...

while email group was alive and kickin we were pretty serious about it...big brother drafted up an official list of email group was almost like fight club...they were rules to live by if you were in email group!...yeah, we were that awesome...haha!

i bring all this up today because i was looking through old files on my computer and i found the rules list! made me laugh and remember the good ol' days of email group...i know you are all dying to read them so without further ado here are the official rules of email group!!!

1) you dont talk about email group
2) you dont talk about email group
3) when someone says stop, let it go, or STOP
4) if you plan on adding a new person to email group you must have written consent of the other members. (see below approved list)
5) you cannot and Will not speak to anyone not on the email group about any subject discussed on the email group. MAJOR INFRACTION YOU WILL JUST BE REMOVED AND NEVER SPOKEN TO AGAIN
6) if someone asks to be removed because they are busy everyone must comply. (Rule does not apply to bubbles at this moment...we will revise WHEN SHE GETS A JOB!)
7) if it is your 1st week on email group you must be the first email every work day for that first week

approved list:
bubbles, ashley, big sis, big brother, the mayor, little one, and the princess special were we?!?...haha!!!

*please note that these rules were written before tv girl joined the group...

i know what your all thinking right now...i'm in violation of rules 1 and 2...*GASP*...but the way i look at it is we havent had email group in well over a year (maybe 2) so my violations are irrelevant...right?!? least i hope so...=)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

713 drama

earlier today i was writing in my trusty blog all about how truly crazy wet hair girl is...then i realized that i was being really mean...and i dont want my blog to be mean...i want it to be fun and happy and silly and boy crazy...haha! i decided to erase the post...also i really cant remember if i ever gave her the link to this...if she ever read the things i was writing...friendship def over!...well to be honest im on the verge of phasing her out...i dont think i can handle the crazy was entertaining for a while but now im over it...

i feel really bad about this because i remember how crappy i felt when my high school friends phased me was horrend!...but there are some major differences...1) im not crazy! and 2) i was bff with these people for years...wet hair girl has been my train friend for a few its totally different right???...or am i just an awful person???

shes been pretty nutty all along but the thing that set her over the edge was when she left concert guy and his friends at a bar in belmar with no ride home and all of their stuff was in her car...and then she refused to give the stuff bizzar right?!?...this was a situation that had absolutely nothing to do with me (because i wasnt there) but since she refused to talk to concert guy or his friends she put me in the middle...this fight blew up so big that now its 2 weeks later and they still dont talk to each other and concert guy doesnt stand in our spot in the morning some days i stand with him and some days i stand with her...yesterday im pretty sure she was mad at me for standing with concert guy...its so stupid...hes still my friend and neither of us did anything wrong...did i mention that im 100% on his side in this stupid fight...and no my judgment is not skewed because i think hes dreamy...haha! on his side because wet hair girl is capital C crazy!!!!...i better stop with that story there before i get mean

oh which brings me to another talking point...every time i chat with concert guy it becomes increasingly difficult not to mention my blog...its a force of habit for me to tell everyone i talk to to read my blog...when we talk about wet hair girl i have the urge to say something like "oh that is so going in my blog"...or "you need to read what i said about her in my blog!"...or (what i say to most people) "dont you read my blog?"...haha!...but then i quickly realize what a HUGE mistake that would be and keep my mouth shut...haha! sure he would appreciate what i have to say about wet hair girl and arti but i dont think i could handle it if he read everything i wrote about him!...i think that would be disastrous for about embarrassing...oh god...after reading he might put me in the crazy category with wet hair girl...and who wants that???...not me thats fo worried its gonna slip out one day...and then what?...what if he wants the address?...what am i going to say?..."sorry i cant give you that information because pretty much every entry is about you and i just cant let you read it"...i think that would make him want to read it more....dont you?!?...

i guess i will just have to be extra careful...i cant mention my blog or twitter around any of the train friends or their friends...(well i guess arti would be okay to read it...but im her least favorite so she wouldnt care...actually now that she thinks wet hair girl is a floozy i may have moved up a spot...yessss!!!...haha!)...but if it does slip out i will just have to except the consequences...see what happens when you talk about people...nothing good...haha!

well until next time...happy blogging! =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

big brother is watching

last weekend (sat may 1) i decided to throw myself a birthday party...i really thought that the mayor and little one would be the only people in attendance...boy was i wrong...turns out people actually like me and wanted to come to my party...imagine that...haha!...i didnt know i had it in me to trow a wild party...i had tons of fun and im pretty sure everyone else did too!

unfortunatly bragging about how awesome my party was is not the point of this entry...i only mention it because its where i found out about an additional reader of my delightful little blog (bringing my grand total to 3...haha!!!)...i gained this knowledge because something came up about my train friends and then the following exchange happened:

me~> my train friends were here, did you see them?
big brother~> wait...that was concert guy?!?
me~> omg you read my blog!!!...haha...yeah it was concert guy!!!

just in case you are wondering who big brother is he's my super awesome brother in law...husband to big sis...and father to my little squish-a-lish!!! ive know him since i was about 9 or 10 and we have had some great memories along the way...and many times we are the only 2 who "get it" in the fam...its nice to know there is someone out there who knows when im being sarcastic...haha!...well anyways i love you big brother! <3...

now that i know big brother is watching i feel like theres extra pressure to write something good...and now i kinda feel weird talking about my potentially gay pretend train boyfriend...haha! who am i kidding? im going to still talk about concert if you are entertained by that story line no worries!...ill keep you informed on any developments there...oh which reminds me i do have a new story about the train friends...look for that in the next few days!...all i have to say about it right now is wet hair girl is CRAZY (i really hope i never gave her the link to this)...haha!!!

in closing if there is anyone else out there who is reading this please let me know and you can get your very own cool blog name and post dedicated to you!